Dear Earth by Isabel Otter & Clara Anganuzzi

Dear Earth is a beautifully illustrated letter from Tessa who wants everybody to know how special our planet is and how important it is to take care of it. Inspired by Grandpa she takes an imaginative journey around the Earth to create an inspiring message about the need to conserve and care for our beautiful planet.

The Story: Grandpa used to be an explorer and tells Tessa all about what he has seen on his adventures. Tessa is inspired to write a letter to the Earth and describe everything that Grandpa has told her about. When she has finished she walks on the beach with Grandpa, they talk about sharing the message that the Earth is special so that people can keep the Earth safe.

Tessa’s imagination takes her under the sea, through meadows, up mountains, into a rainforest and across desert dunes and her sheer enjoyment at all the places she visits is infectious. Her awe and wonder at the beauty of our planet are matched by her compassion for the birds, fish and other creatures that she joins in their natural habitats.

Grandpa and Tessa have a wonderful relationship and his reminiscing and gentle encouragement lead to her imaginative journey. The book encompasses diversity and gives a positive message that a child, however small, can play a part in caring for our planet.

Clara Anganuzzi’s illustrations are awesome. We love her use of earthy colours and the way that Isabel Otter’s beautifully lyrical language is part of the picture. This is one of our favourite illustrations, we love the way that you turn the book to dive into a shoal of fish and there’s an amazing variety of fish and other creatures on the sea floor.

The final double spread explains how humans, often unintentionally, have harmed our environment and how our wildlife is affected, we didn’t realise just how much global warning affects turtles. It also gives suggestions as to how children can help to care for our environment by walking more, recycling and cleaning up rubbish.

Dear Earth is a fantastic book to have in a school or classroom library. It emphasises how special our planet is and how it is our responsibility to look after it. It provides lots of opportunities to discuss environmental aspects and raises awareness of how children can become involved in conservation in their everyday lives. The suggestions in the final spread can all be introduced in school or at home. Children can be encouraged write their own letters to the Earth after reading the book, Tessa finishes hers by talking about humans can heal the hurt that they have done.

Dear Earth encourages us to open our eyes and appreciate our environment before thinking of ways that we can really care for it.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Isabel Otter / Illustrator: Clara Anganuzzi

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending a copy of this beautiful book.

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4 responses to “Dear Earth by Isabel Otter & Clara Anganuzzi”

  1. Lisa | Handmade in Israel avatar

    Gorgeous illustrations and such an important subject. Thank you for sharing the book with us.

    1. Catherine avatar

      The illustrations are beautiful, they match the text perfectly 🙂

  2. Carol avatar

    I love that illustration you shared. It’s a beautiful book for teaching children about the wonders of nature. #MMBC

    1. Catherine avatar

      Clara Anganuzzi’s illustrations are awesome – perfect for this book 🙂