I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. by Emma Perry & Sharon Davey

I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. is Story Snug’s 700th blogpost!

What makes this an extra special blogpost is that this wonderfully entertaining story is the debut picture book written by one of my SCBWI writing friends, Emma Perry. I read one of the very first drafts of this story and I am now really excited to see it in print 🙂

The Story: Mabel doesn’t like books and does everything that she can with them except read them. But one night her books rebel and pull her inside them. Mabel meets a range of characters and is instantly drawn into their adventures but the books move her on so quickly that there is no time for her to get involved in each story. Finally she finds herself alone on a blank page and realises how much she is missing out by not reading…

Mabel is really not into books but she does find some ingenious uses for them including wearing them as hats, using them as a slide and even juggling. It’s not surprising that the books have had enough! But their revenge has the desired effect – Mabel finally wants to read them!

We couldn’t help wondering why Mabel doesn’t like books but her feelings are not unique. Many children just haven’t found the right book yet. Mabel’s books introduce her to missing diamonds and an opportunity to go into space but her frustration mounts as she is whisked on into the next story. We really empathised with Mabel as each book really intrigued us and we would love to know what happens next in each story too – who stole the diamond?!

We love Sharon’s illustrations which are colourful, vibrant and full of energy. It must have taken hours to draw so many books!

Mabel’s expressions are hilarious and Sharon has captured her emotions brilliantly! We love the glare that she gives when she receives a book as a present and her one eye open expression complete with defensive body language makes us laugh!

This is a great story to read in the classroom to encourage children to talk about their favourite stories as well as books that they don’t enjoy reading. A fun activity would be for children to write their own story using one of the three scenarios that Mabel is introduced to as she is whisked through the story.

I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. is fun to read aloud and will hopefully entice even the most reluctant reader to pick up and enjoy a book. 

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Emma Perry / Illustrator: Sharon Davey

Thank you to David Fickling Books for sending a review copy of I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

The book has already been published in Germany – Ich Mag Keine Bücher. Nie. Niemals. Nie.

Emma Perry is also the organiser of International Book Giving Day which takes place every year on February 14th. Plans for this year are in full flow and you can find information about how you can get involved on the International Book Giving Day website or read our interview with Emma.

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