Story Snug Advent – December 9th: The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel

Frog and Bear spent a magical Christmas together, although it wasn’t at The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel by Tracy Corderoy and Tony Neal.

The Story: Bear is planning a quiet Christmas when an excited Frog turns up on his doorstep. Frog is looking for The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel but he’s travelled to the wrong side of the world so Bear invites him for Christmas. Bear reads the Christmas Extravaganza Hotel brochure and although he can’t offer a supersonic sleigh ride or a Christmas tree that sings he decides to make Frog’s Christmas as magical as possible. After starting the day with a tasty alternative to the all-you-can-eat North Pole breakfast bar, Frog and Bear head outside where Bear finds wonderful, natural alternatives to the activities in Frog’s Christmas Extravaganza Hotel brochure.

Tony Neal’s illustrations are full of warmth and humour, we love Bear’s outfits, especially his lumberjack jacket. This heartwarming story shows how Christmas can be enjoyed without commercialism.

The Christmas Extravaganza Hotel - Story Snug

Today’s illustration comes from a true Christmas story…

Do you know the name of the book and the historical event that is documented?

Forest Christmas by Yuval Zommer - #StorySnugAdvent

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