Story Snug Advent – December 7th: Katie’s London Christmas

Did you guess that the little girl from yesterday’s book was Katie from Katie’s London Christmas by James Mayhew? She’s just come down one of Buckingham Palace’s chimneys.

The Story: It’s Christmas Eve and Katie and her brother Jack are sleeping at Grandma’s house when they are woken by a loud sneeze. Father Christmas is downstairs and the children offer to help him deliver presents. During their sleigh ride over snowy London they see many famous sights before sliding down chimneys and delivering gifts. The last house on their list is Buckingham Palace and when Father Christmas’ sneeze wakes the corgis they are almost disturbed by a member of the Royal Family..

James Mayhew’s illustrations are always a delight to look at and we think his Father Christmas is perfect – jovial and generous. We love the blue background on the night time scenes and it’s always fun to spot the London landmarks as they fly over the city.

James Mayhew - Katie's London Christmas - Story Snug

Today we have another sleigh ride with Santa…

Do you know the title of the book and the name of the little girl in Santa’s sleigh?

Forest Christmas by Yuval Zommer - #StorySnugAdvent

Story Snug’s 2019 Advent Calendar on Pinterest

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