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Story Snug Advent – December 6th: How Winston Delivered Christmas

December 6th: How Winston Delivered Christmas

Yesterday’s stamp came from a very important letter that a brave little mouse called Winston needed to deliver to Father Christmas. Winston is the main character in How Winston Delivered Christmas – An Advent Story in twenty-four-and-a-half chapters by Alex T Smith.

The Story: On Christmas Eve cold, hungry Winston is knocked over by Oliver’s letter to Father Christmas. Realising the importance of the letter Winston sets out to deliver it. He navigates his way through the busy city with the help of new friends, Edna, George and Lady Prudence who lead him to Fortesque’s Department Store. Once inside Winston makes another new friend, Eduardo, who helps him find a way to get to The North Pole. But it’s snowing hard and very dark. Will Winston be able to find Father Christmas and complete his important mission…

Winston is such a cute determined mouse, the letter is so much bigger than him! Alex T. Smith’s illustrations are wonderfully festive and one of our favourites is this beautifully detailed dollhouse which plays a heartwarming role in the story.

We love this action packed, page turning story which also has an activity to do each day throughout Advent.

In today’s illustration one of our favourite picture book characters has come down the chimney with Father Christmas…
Do you know who the little girl is and which famous house the chimney belongs to?

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Story Snug Advent – December 6th: How Winston Delivered Christmas

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