Story Snug Advent – December 5th: Aliens Love Panta Claus

Did you guess that yesterday’s reindeer, wearing their flashy underpants, came from the hilarious Aliens Love Panta Claus by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort?

The Story: On Christmas Eve the aliens pack their spaceship with underpants and fly off to help Santa with his preparations. Disaster strikes when Santa’s sleigh breaks down so the aliens give Santa a lift in their spaceship, help him to deliver all the presents and even add a few extra panty decorations to everybody’s Christmas trees.

Ben Cort’s illustrations are full of humour and his multicoloured pants play a big role in all the illustrations. I love reading this story to children for the first time, they find it absolutely hilarious!

Aliens Love Panta Claus - Story Snug

We have a festive stamp for you to identify today. It appears on a very important letter that must be delivered to Father Christmas…

Do you know which book it comes from, it’s a book that was published in hardback last year and is now out in paperback.

Forest Christmas by Yuval Zommer - #StorySnugAdvent

Story Snug’s 2019 Advent Calendar on Pinterest

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