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Story Snug Advent – December 4th: The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas

Story Snug Advent – December 4th

Yesterday’s Christmas book character was a tricky one – It was Mouse from The Mouse That Cancelled Christmas by Madeleine Cook and Samara Hardy which was recommended on our 2017 Story Snug Advent Calendar by Jo who blogs at Library Girl and Book Boy.

The StoryFollowing a traumatic incident involving a bauble when he was a baby, Mouse now only sees the danger lurking in Christmas. Can his friends convince him that Christmas is a time for fun and frolics? Or will Mouse forever fear the festive season?

Despite Mouse’s fear of Christmas, Samara Hardy’s illustrations are full of humour and we love her cute animals…

Today we have several characters who appear in one of our all time favourite Christmas stories… Do the outfits worn by these reindeer give you any clues about the title of the book?

Story Snug Advent – December 4th

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