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Story Snug Advent – December 21st: Jingle Bells

December 21st: Jingle Bells

Lottie and Jack are the two little mice who have cat trouble in Jingle Bells by Nick Butterworth. We are very lucky to have a signed copy of the story which Jane Hissey also chose as a favourite Christmas book for our 2015 #StorySnugAdvent Calendar.

The Story: Lottie and Jack, are having trouble with the farm cat, Angus. He eats their Christmas food and then tells Father Christmas that the mice are away so Father Christmas doesn’t fill their stockings. Lottie and Jack decide that enough is enough and with the help of their friend Ton-Chee, the rat, they come up with a plan to make sure that they always know where Angus is!

Nick Butterworth’s mice are adorable and very resourceful, their stockings are made out of the fingers of an old glove. The cover of the book shows them wrapping up a parcel for Angus, we love the disgruntled expression on his face when he finds out what it is!

Do you know who this little boy is?

He’s just been on an amazing adventure! Do you know how and where?

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Story Snug Advent – December 21st: Jingle Bells

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