Story Snug Advent – December 1st

We’re excited about this year’s Story Snug Advent – December 1st is here and we’ve created a book quiz Advent!

We hope you’ll enjoy guessing which Christmas books we have chosen for this year’s Story Snug Advent Calendar. We’ve had fun rediscovering our favourite Christmas books, the quiz has been a lot of fun to put together!

Here’s your first 2019 Story Snug Advent picture clue. This was one of the very first Christmas books we read with our daughter, it’s a wonderful Christmas picture book for little readers…

Can you guess which book’s cover this picture has been taken from? The answer will be revealed tomorrow.

We’d love to hear which book you think it could be in the comments. Is it a book that you have read and enjoyed?

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Story Snug Advent – December 1st

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