Story Snug Advent – December 15th: One Cosy Christmas

Yesterday Badger was reading a bedtime story to Little Hedgehog and his friends in One Cosy Christmas by M Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton.

The Story: Little Hedgehog and his friends have fun finding and decorating their Christmas tree. But during the night somebody snores, a biscuit is stolen from the tree and everybody wakes up grumpy. The following night is even worse and in the morning Little Hedgehog is upset when he discovers that his favourite hat has disappeared. On Christmas Eve Little Hedgehog hardly sleeps a wink but next morning Mouse discovers the cause of all the chaos and Little Hedgehog makes a new friend.

This beautifully illustrated Christmas story is a mini mystery for little readers which ends with a heartwarming discovery and new friendships. We love Tina Macnaughton’s illustrations which evoke cosiness, kindness and include all the elements of the festive season – warm fires, Christmas trees, grumpiness and caring.

One Cosy Christmas - Story Snug

We have royalty on Story Snug today…

Do you know who this famous character is? What is she looking for?

Forest Christmas by Yuval Zommer - #StorySnugAdvent

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  1. I’m loving all of these beautiful festive story books Catherine! The illustrations in One Cosy Christmas are adorable!
    I think behind the next Story Snug door is – The Queen’s Present. x

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