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Story Snug Advent – December 20th: Father Christmas

December 20th: Father Christmas

Yesterday’s Father Christmas relaxing with a glass of wine is Raymond Brigg’s Father Christmas. Emma GrahamMaudie Smith and Mat Tobin all chose this as their favourite Christmas picture book on previous Story Snug Advent Calendars.

The Story: We follow a grumpy Father Christmas as he goes about his work on Christmas Eve. He makes tea, feeds his reindeer, his cat and his dog then gets dressed. He flies through all kinds of weather and makes deliveries to houses, caravans and even igloos. Finally he gets to go home to his waiting pets and enjoy a quiet Christmas. 

Raymond Brigg’s graphic novel / picture book tells the humorous, warts and all, story of Father Christmas’ Christmas Eve. This Father Christmas isn’t jolly – he’s tired, weary of his Christmas routine and bloomin’ grumpy!

We’re getting close to Christmas Eve and Lottie and Jack have hung up their stockings…

Do you know what kind of animals Lottie and Jack are and which story they appear in?

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Story Snug Advent – December 20th: Father Christmas

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