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Story Snug Advent – December 17th: The Twelve Days Of Christmas

December 17th: The Twelve Days Of Christmas

Yesterday’s two elf sweethearts are on the cover of Britta Teckentrup‘s beautifully illustrated The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The Story: Two elves sit on a snow covered branch. Surrounded by sparkly silver holly and snowflakes they look adoringly into each others’ eyes. Above them is a tree shaped hole through which we can see a partridge sitting in a pear tree and as we turn the pages the tree shape grows to accommodate the next present. On the fourth day four more holes appear then more until the final page which shows presents interspersed with gold stars and snowflakes.

We love Britta Teckentrup’s illustrations which are really festive and include many traditional Christmas images – holly, candy canes, ice skating and Christmas trees. This is a lovely book to bring out at Christmas – year after year.

This is the house that belongs to a character in a very famous Christmas story…

Do you know whose house it is? And which author created the character?

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Story Snug Advent – December 17th: The Twelve Days Of Christmas

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