Christmas comes to Moominvalley by Tove Jansson. Adapted by Alex Haridi, Cecilia Davidsson & Filippa Widlund

Christmas comes to Moominvalley has been adapted from Tove Jansson’s The Fir Tree, it’s one of our favourite Moomin stories. But what or who is Christmas? Why are so many residents of Moominvalley making special preparations? The Moomins, who are usually asleep in the winter, don’t understand what is going on and why everybody is so busy…

The Story: The Moomin family are woken from their winter sleep by a Hemulen who tells them that Christmas is coming. The Moomins don’t know what Christmas is and become more confused and worried as they make the same preparations that other residents of Moomin Valley are making – baking, decorating a tree and wrapping presents. Then they sit down and wait for the terrible thing that is Christmas to arrive.

The Moomins have no idea what to expect when Christmas is mentioned. In a state of mild anxiety they make preparations based on snatched conversations with Mrs Fillyjonk and a Hemulen who are both very busy and stressed with Christmas preparations. 

The Moomins ask constant questions and act on snippets of information so that by the end of the story they have a magnificently decorated Christmas tree, special presents and blueberry pie and eggnog to share. 

Christmas comes to Moominvalley is a beautiful celebration of Christmas without commercialism. The tree stands in the snow surrounded by candles as the Moomins struggle to understand what Christmas means and whether it will be angry if they haven’t made the right preparations.

Filippa Widlund’s wonderful illustrations evoke a strong sense of Christmas in a winter wonderland. We love this picture showing Moominpapa, Momminmama, Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden placing food and candles under their newly decorated tree.

The Christmas tree is admired by woodies, toffles and creeps and the generous Moomins invite them to enjoy their food and presents. But how do the Moomin family feel about Christmas and how do they react while all the little creatures are celebrating? 

This gorgeous picture book gives young readers a festive introduction to the Moomin family and the residents of Moominvalley. We love stories where the readers know more than the characters and Christmas comes to Moominvalley can instigate discussion about children’s own experiences, the joy of giving and of sharing, not only at Christmas. 

Age Range: 4 +

Adapted from Tove Jansson’s story by Alex Haridi and Cecilia Davidsson / Illustrator: Filippa Widlund

You can read more about how Alex and Cecilia adapted some of the Moomin stories for younger readers on the official Moomin website.

Thank you to Macmillan for sending us a review copy of Christmas comes to Moominvalley. We’re delighted that younger readers can also enjoy the story of The Fir Tree.

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