Booky Advent Calendars

Over the years we’ve enjoyed various Booky Advent Calendars to help us count down the days until Christmas, both at home and on Story Snug. We always put our Christmas books away during the year and get them out around the end of November, it’s always such a lovely treat to rediscover old favourites.

Snowy and Christmas Advent Calendar

For two years our little elf friends, Snowy and Christmas secretly set up a scene from favourite books to help us count down to Christmas. It was so much fun to do and every morning my daughter found them doing something different. There were 48 scenes over two years which included them putting on their underpants to help deliver presents with the aliens and Panta Claus, playing the game from The Jolly Christmas Postman, making music for Christmas Carols, waiting with the stick family for Stick Man to come home, flying over London with Katie and ice skating with The Fairytale Hairdresser and Father Christmas. They even brought an autographed copy of Nick Butterworth’s Jingle Bells!

Christmas and Snowy didn’t just create Christmas scenes, they were also inspired to write letters by Herman in Herman’s Letter, very helpfully brought lots of clocks to help Mr Wolf tell the time and made footprints in the snow.


Christmas Tree Book Advent Calendar

I had a lot of fun wrapping up twenty four Christmas books to make a Christmas Tree Book Advent Calendar although it took a lot longer than I realised it would! I mainly wrapped books that we already had as well as books from the library although there were a few new books included too.

Booky Advent Calendars - Story Snug


Christmas Bedtime Story Advent Calendar

I used a template from Twinkl Resources to create a Christmas Bedtime Story Advent Calendar. Behind each door was a picture of a Christmas story to read at bedtime. They were mainly picture books but I also included Christmas stories from My Naughty Little Sister and Teddy Robinson.

Christmas Bedtime Story Advent Calendar - Story Snug


How Winston Delivered Christmas: An Advent Story in Twenty Four-and-a Half Chapters by Alex T. Smith

Last year we spent the lead up to Christmas in total suspense as we read about little mouse Winston and his very important mission – to deliver a letter to Father Christmas. How Winston Delivered Christmas is a real page turner, it was very hard to stop reading at the end of each chapter. Each chapter also has an accompanying Christmas craft, recipe or activity and this year the book is also available as a paperback.

How Winston Delivered Christmas - Story Snug


Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

This year we’ve bought our Harry Potter fan a Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar and I am also very excited to see what will be in it each day…

Lego Harry Potter Booky Advent Calendar - Story Snug


In the past we’ve welcomed many authors, illustrators, book bloggers and translators to Story Snug to tell us about their favourite books during Advent. You can find all their recommendations on our Pinterest boards.

Story Snug’s 2015 Advent Calendar on Pinterest


Story Snug’s 2017 Advent Calendar on Pinterest


Story Snug’s 2016 Christmas Book Alphabet on Pinterest


We’ll also have an Advent Calendar on Story Snug, a different idea for this year, you’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out more…

What kind of Advent Calendar will your children be having this year? We’d love to hear about your Booky Advent Calendars in the comments.

Booky Advent Calendars - Story Snug

12 thoughts on “Booky Advent Calendars

  1. What a lovely idea! I haven’t done the book advent before but I always get a few Christmas themed storybooks for my boys Christmas Eve boxes. 🙂

    We also use Twinkl for a lot of resources! They are fab.

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  2. Aww! What wonderful ideas. I wish my girls were small enough to appreciate the book advent calendars. I wouldn’t mind the Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar for myself. hehehe

    • I think I had just as much fun with the Book Tree Advent Calendar as my daughter, by the time December came I had forgotten which book we would unwrap each day!

  3. I used to wrap individual children’s books and place them in a basket under our tree so we could open and read one each night during December. It seemed like by the time I had 25 individual books though my kids were already starting to outgrow some of them! #MMBC

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