Animal Homes by Libby Walden & Clover Robin

Animal Homes is a lift the flap, discovery board book which introduces children to a variety of different animal habitats. We’re huge fans of lift the flap books and this book inspires lots of learning and discussion as well as helping children to develop an awareness of the natural world.

The book is full of facts about insects and birds, some of which young children may already be familiar with and several that may be new. The sturdy house shaped cover has cutouts which invite you to open the book and Clover Robin’s gorgeous earthy coloured illustrations fill each double page spread. 

The book’s theme is introduced and the pages have a range of facts, some concealed under flaps. The final double spread asks children to remember who lives where and gives advice on how you can help an animal keep safe – FIND. LOOK. LEAVE.

Animal Homes introduces us to six different types of animal and insect homes including bees, beavers and termites. The book shows us where each creature lives and explains how they build their homes. Children can lift the flaps to see the creatures in their very distinctive habitats.

Animal Homes is absolutely fascinating and we learnt several new facts – did you know that worker termites use their saliva as glue? Or that an arctic fox’s fur is brown in the summer and white in the winter? Or that the average size of an eagle’s eyrie is the same as a bathtub?!

Animal Homes would be a great book to incorporate into a topic on habitats in an Early Years / Key Stage One classroom. The text is short, easy to read and full of bite sized facts, it’s perfect for beginner readers.

Age Range: 4 +

Author: Libby Walden / Illustrator: Clover Robin

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending Animal Homes. We all learnt something new from this fascinating little book.

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