Together We Can by Caryl Hart & Ali Pye

Together We Can! is such a wonderful title, perfect for this heartwarming and inspirational picture book by Caryl Hart and Ali Pye which celebrates friendships in all shapes and sizes! It is a joy to read aloud and has so many wonderful little details in the brightly coloured illustrations.

Together We Can! explains what a friend is, how a friend can be there for you and shows different activities that you can do with your friends. We love the way it shows that language differences and disabilities aren’t barriers to friendship and friends can even have four legs or six! Friends can be different or similar, live close by or far away. There are also friends that you may not have met yet!

Some people have more friends than others and some children may find it hard to make friends. Together We Can! shows how friendships can start, how you can help your friends and how friends can support and care for each other, through bad times as well as good. There are some wonderful examples of togetherness in the book – we love the five children working together on a daisy chain and the children holding hands as they splash in the sea.

Caryl Hart’s rhyming text is a joy to read aloud and is accompanied by Ali Pye’s vibrant, colourful, diverse illustrations. The children come from a variety of cultures and take part in many activities that are familiar to children including flying kites, building a sandcastle and playing basketball.

It’s really hard to choose our favourite illustration, there are so many that we like, but we absolutely love the inspirational endpapers which take cameo pictures from the book and encourage children to think about how to interact with others…

With a new school year starting soon many children will be making new friends as well as developing existing friendships. Together We Can! is a wonderful book to read in school to stimulate discussion about how friendships can work, right from Early Years up to Key Stage Two. It would make a fantastic addition to a school or classroom library.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Caryl Hart / Illustrator: Ali Pye

Thank you to Scholastic for sending this fabulous book. It’s such a wonderful introduction to friendship 🙂

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