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The Colour Monster goes to School by Anna Llenas

The Colour Monster goes to School is the second Colour Monster story by Anna Llenas. We love the first book in which The Colour Monster learns about the colours of his emotions, it’s also one of the most viewed books on Story Snug, last year it was at number eight in our top ten most viewed posts of 2018.

The Story: The Colour Monster is going to school for the first time but he’s not exactly sure what school is! He’s scared of meeting his new classmates but soon joins in with classroom activities, has lunch and really enjoys his day.

The Colour Monster is joined by his friend, Nuna, and it is Nuna’s mum who is crying at the school gate, not her confident, caring daughter!

The Colour Monster has absolutely no idea what school is and what to expect when he gets there. He’s the only monster in a school full of humans but the activities are so enjoyable that he soon comes out of his hiding place.

The Colour Monster experiences uncertainty and shyness on his first day, he has to be dragged into school by Nuna. But with her support he soon joins in with a music class, gym and story time (although we don’t condone the way that he enjoys books!). He also takes on an unusual role in both the gym and art classes and I love the way that going to the bathroom and lunchtime are also included. I have taught several children who find lunchtime and using the school bathrooms stressful but Nuna helps The Colour Monster to behave himself in both situations.

The relationship between The Colour Monster and Nuna is beautifully portrayed. She tells the story, helps him when he needs it and gently chastises when he is behaving inappropriately. She’s also exhausted by the end of the day!!

We absolutely love Anna Llenas’ collage style illustrations which feature a different coloured Colour Monster on each page, depending on how he’s feeling. There are so many amusing details in the pictures and we love the inclusion of The Colour Monster’s book in the classroom book box. One of our favourite pictures is when The Colour Monster imagines what school could be like, we love the childlike style of the drawings.

The Colour Monster Goes to School - what is school? - Story Snug

The Colour Monster changes colour throughout the story. Can you guess which colour he is when he says goodbye to everybody? (Hint: It’s the colour of love!). We also love the endpapers which show him in various different school situations, there’s even a space on the back endpaper to draw your own Colour Monster.

This is a fabulous story to read with a child who is about to start school. It can also be used to stimulate conversations about school experiences and help a child to talk about any worries that they may have before they start. Teachers could also read it to a group of children to initiate conversations with children about how starting school makes them feel and making friends.

Age Range: 4 +

Author / Illustrator: Anna Llenas

Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending a review copy of this wonderful book. The Colour Monster goes to School will be published on August 8th.

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  1. helenishmurzin avatar

    This looks like a fun starting-school book!

    1. Catherine avatar

      It is and we LOVE Anna Llenas’ illustrations 🙂