Sneaky Beak by Tracey Corderoy & Tony Neal

Sneaky Beak takes a humorous look at consumerism, advertising and what makes us happy. Sneaky Beak is a master salesbird who sells the most amazing household items but does Bear need a Snores-Galore Mega Bed or a Crunch-O-Matic Granola Maker? Will they really improve his quality of life?

Sneaky Beak - Story Snug

The Story: Sneaky Beak’s television adverts persuade Bear to try new furniture and household appliances. His friend, Hamster, suffers as Bear’s purchases get more extreme and Bear gets more stressed. But Sneaky Beak has just the solution to help Bear take a holiday and while he is away Bear realises that material goods aren’t important. But what will he do with all his new appliances?

Sneaky Beak is a very persuasive salesbird and sleepless Bear is heavily influenced by his advert for a bouncy mattress. The bed is delivered and tested it but Hamster’s bed has to be moved as the bed is so big! More ‘life improving’ gadgets follow, including a present for Hamster, which lead to situations that we found amusing but sadly have a big, and often negative, impact on Bear and Hamster’s living arrangements.

We love big Bear and little Hamster’s friendship which is severely tested by Bear’s shopping purchases. Throughout the story Bear is encouraged (or manipulated!) by Sneaky Beaky to buy more household gadgets until his holiday purchase and subsequent getaway help him realise what is really important in life.

Tony Neal’s illustrations are full of humour and we absolutely love his animal characters, he’s done a fantastic job with their expressions, especially Sneaky Beak. We love the way that Sneaky Beak constantly appears with a new sales pitch whenever Bear has a problem, the bounce test bunnies and Bear’s bathime outfit. But our favourite illustrations show Bear and Hamster spending time together – we love their matching beds, chairs and spotty cups 🙂

Sneaky Beak Bear and Hamster - Story Snug

Sneaky Beak makes us laugh, it has a great message for children but many adults will also identify with the situation that Bear finds himself in. We thoroughly approve of Bear’s solution to getting rid of his new purchases and love the final spread showing a not too happy salesbird!!

Author: Tracey Corderoy / Illustrator: Tony Neal

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending Sneaky Beak. We love the humour in the text and the illustrations, it’s a really amusing story.

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    • It’s brilliant because it shows children that having lots of material possessions isn’t important but most adults will also have met a pushy salesperson at some point in their lives too so the humour works for them as well 🙂

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