Dotty and Dash’s 123 by Patricia Hegarty & Craig Shuttlewood

Dotty and Dash’s 123 is a sturdy, colourful, pop-up counting book with an easy to read rhyming text. Dotty is a spotty dog and Dash is a tortoise, they’re an irresistible pair who have fun as they introduce little readers to numbers up to 100.

Dotty and Dash's 123 - Story Snug

The Story: Dotty and Dash can’t decide which number they like the best. They talk us through all the numbers one to ten then race through ten, twenty all the way to one hundred where they get a lovely surprise.

Dotty and Dash’s enthusiasm for counting is infectious and the introduce us to an array of characters and situations as they try to decide which number is their favourite. They reference parts of the body (including the senses), seasons, shoes and the number of legs that various creatures have.

Each number pops up on the page and numbers one to ten are shown along the bottom. Once we move into the tens each individual number is shown which makes it easier to repeat counting and consolidate number recognition.

Craig Shuttlewood’s illustrations are bold, colourful and full of little details which are great for stimulating conversation. The brightly patterned numbers dominate the middle of each page and there are so many humorous details in the pictures.

Dotty and Dashs 123 page 10 to 20 - Story Snug

There’s a rainbow, ladybirds, cats, sheep, marching bears and stars and it’s really a challenge to start counting in the thirties, forties and fifties. Even Dotty and Dash are surprised at how big numbers can get as they watch one hundred butterflies fluttering on the final spread.

Dotty and Dash’s 123 is a fabulous book to introduce numbers and consolidate number recognition and counting skills. It would make a great addition to an early years classroom.

Age Range: 2 +

Author: Patricia Hegarty / Illustrator: Craig Shuttlewood

Thank you Little Tiger Press for sending a review copy of Dotty and Dash’s 123. It makes learning to count a lot of fun 🙂

14 thoughts on “Dotty and Dash’s 123 by Patricia Hegarty & Craig Shuttlewood

  1. I always like recommendations for the very youngest members of my family and this looks like a lovely read for my smallest nephew.

  2. What a fun way to introduce little ones to numeracy! I love the idea of the number popping up on each page. 🙂 #MMBC

  3. This book looks fab. And great that it takes counting a stage further. All the ones my boys had when they were little only went upto 10 #readwithme

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