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Creature Features Dinosaurs by Natasha Durley

Creature Features Dinosaurs is a fabulously sturdy, big board book. It introduces a variety of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures through wonderfully bright images and an easy to read informative text. We were amazed by the number of different dinosaurs that roamed the earth, there were so many to count!

The book starts with an explanation of how other creatures also roamed the earth during the times of the dinosaur and that many of the dinosaurs’ features can also be seen in animals today.

Each double spread has an alliterative heading and introduces different types of dinosaurs, e.g. dinosaurs with horns, dinosaurs with long necks and dinosaurs with wings. Short text introduces each group of dinosaurs and the importance of their particular features. Each spread has a question which encourages the child to find a dinosaur with a particular attribute, e.g. a toothy animal with pink wings. These questions are a great way to stimulate discussion and add to the interactivity of the reading experience. Several of the questions ask the reader to look for particular colours, this is also a great book to consolidate colour recognition.

The illustrations are awesome – bold, busy and full of colour and life. There are Humongous horns, Fantastic fur and Super sails & spines but our favourite spread shows Brilliant Beaks, we had no idea that so many dinosaurs had beaks! Can you find the beaked dinosaur with hard armour?

Creature Features Dinosaurs would be a brilliant book to use as part of a dinosaur topic in Early Years or Key Stage One. It’s size (A4) means that two or three children can comfortably sit together and browse. There is so much detail in the pictures that there’s lots for little dinosaur fans to talk about 🙂

Author / Illustrator: Natasha Durley

Thank you to Big Picture Press for sending this fabulous book, it introduces dinosaurs in a really fun way.

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2 responses to “Creature Features Dinosaurs by Natasha Durley”

  1. Jayne SMABL avatar
    Jayne SMABL

    What a lovely colourful book. My two both love anything remotely to do with dinosaurs so this would be a big hit. It amazes me how my eldest can remember all of their names, I can’t even pronounce some of them! 🙂 #MMBC

    1. Catherine avatar

      The illustrations are really bold and colourful and introduce so many different dinosaurs, many with quite difficult to pronounce names!