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Toto by Ximo Abadía

Toto is a quirky, inspiring story which conveys an important message – follow your dreams, believe in yourself and don’t give up! We love the story of a donkey who leaves his small town to travel to the big city to fulfil his dream of becoming an astronaut.

The Story: Toto doesn’t want to carry bags like the other donkeys so he heads to the city to try and get into space school. City life is tough but just as Toto is about to go home he meets a family who help him. But can a donkey really become an astronaut?

We are inspired by Toto’s determination to fulfil his dream and the way that he leaves his home and family to try and achieve it. Life isn’t easy, he needs to get a job and then his money is stolen by a gang of thieves who also mock his ambitious plans. However, at his lowest point he is helped by a mother who also dreamed of being an astronaut.

We sympathised with Toto as he plucked up courage to leave his family. But the story shows that we can achieve our dreams with the help of kind and supportive friends. The care and understanding that the family have for Toto and his plans is heartwarming and we love the final spread in which he shares his new experience with his donkey family.

Ximo Abadía’s vivid surrealist illustrations are quirky, bold and humorous and perfectly complement the simplicity and originality of the story. Ximo has cleverly woven human experiences and a donkey protagonist together to create an imaginative story that leads to a happy ending for Toto. The illustrations play a huge part in portraying Toto’s emotions as he adjusts to his new life, one of our favourites shows him at work – fixing umbrellas is obviously not a fulfilling role!

Toto selling umbrellas - Story Snug

Toto is an adorable donkey and we are so glad that he gets a happy ending. The final spread is one of the funniest picture book spreads we’ve seen but we don’t want to spoil the end of the story for you…

Age Range: 2 +

Author / Illustrator: Ximo Abadía

Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending Toto. We love the quirky simplicity of this heartwarming story.

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11 responses to “Toto by Ximo Abadía”

  1. Acorn Books avatar

    We like this one too and the illustrations are so original. #Readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      The illustrations are awesome, they’re really different to any others that we’ve seen in picture books.

  2. BookBairn (@BookBairn) avatar

    I loved the colours in this one but I think although the style was interesting the story wasn’t a good fit for us. #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      The story amuses us because of the way it plays with the idea of a donkey wanting to go to the moon. We just had to read on to see whether Toto achieved his dream 🙂

  3. sarahmo3w avatar

    I’m intrigued to know what that final illustration looks like! I do love the retro style of the illustrations you have shown and this sounds like a lovely story.

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’ll have to read the book to find out 😉 It’s a great story 🙂

  4. CaroleHeidi avatar

    I love the sound of this and the bright colours of the illustrations are fab!

    1. Catherine avatar

      The illustration style is really unique and adds to the amusement of the story.

  5. mumjd avatar

    Sounds a bit different and I agree with you that the illustration style is quirky #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      The illustration style really appeals to us, it’s very different to illustrations we’ve seen before.

  6. TammyB avatar

    Thanks for sharing