Celebrating & supporting International Book Giving Day 2019

Just a month to go until International Book Giving Day 2019 which takes place on Thursday February 14th. It’s one of Story Snug’s favourite days of the year and we’re delighted to be part of the International Book Giving Day team 🙂

What is International Book Giving Day?

On International Book Giving Day you are encouraged to give a book to a child. Many children don’t own or have access to books and International Book Giving Day aims to ensure that children all over the world will receive books. It’s also a great day to promote enthusiasm and excitement about reading and books.

International Book Giving Day 2019 - Chris Haughton Poster - Story Snug

Do I have to give new books?

Books don’t have to be new but they should be in good condition. They can be books that your family have outgrown or unwanted gifts. In the past we have given books to our local library, our local International School and sent books to a nursery school in the UK, they were a mix of new and good quality books that we bought in charity shops (which meant that the charities also benefited). We have given new books to family and friends as well as good quality books that we no longer read. We have also posted books into our neighbours’ letterboxes and given them to our local doctors’ surgery.

How can I get involved?

  • Give a book to a child, a family member, a neighbour or a friend.
  • Donate books to your local children’s hospital or to the waiting rooms of your doctors’ or dentists’ surgeries.
  • Leave books on the seats of buses, trains or planes or on park benches.
  • Donate a book to a local school or preschool.
  • Hold a book swapping morning in which you invite guests to bring a child’s book to give to the child of another guest.
  • Hold a picture book party. Invite guests to bring a picture book to give to a young guest along with a book themed snack so that everyone can enjoy a picture book picnic.
  • Arrange to give / swap a book with a parent, grandparent, godparent or teacher that you have connected with on social media but haven’t met.
  • Support children’s book related charities (there is a list in this International Book Giving Day’s blogpost).
  • Use the hashtag #bookgivingday to promote the day on social media.
  • Follow @bookgivingday on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

You can read more about International Book Giving Day 2019 and keep up with news and events on the Book Giving Day website. There are also two Book Giving Day posters, designed by Chris Haughton and Priya Kuriyan, which are free to download and use to advertise any events that you may have planned. There are also translated versions.

International Book Giving Day 2019 -  Priya Kuriyan poster - Story Snug

However you choose to celebrate and support International Book Giving Day the team would love to see your pictures and hear your stories. One of the easiest things you can do to help is to share this or any other International Book Giving Day 2019 blogposts or articles. It would also be great if you could share this interview with International Book Giving Day organiser Emma Perry who explains her role and more about how you can get involved.

Emmy Perry - Book Giving Day - Story Snug

Have a fabulous Book Giving Day 2019. We’d love to hear your plans in the comments 🙂

24 thoughts on “Celebrating & supporting International Book Giving Day 2019

    • We give to our library as they don’t have a budget for English books. It’s a real thrill when we see them on the shelves!

      I hope you enjoy celebrating International Book Giving Day 🙂

    • Brilliant! If you give them away for Book Giving Day there are some lovely book marks on the International Book Giving Day website that you can download and print out 🙂

  1. What a great idea! I’ve donated a lot of books to my kids’ old primary school library in the past, but how fantastic to have a special day just for book giving. I’m sure I could find more books to donate this year.

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