One Cosy Christmas by M Christina Butler & Tina Macnaughton

In One Cosy Christmas Little Hedgehog invites his friends to spend the perfect Christmas with him. But peculiar things happen at night while the animals are in bed. Can Little Hedgehog and his friends solve the mystery of the strange noises and the missing objects in time to have their perfect Christmas?

One Cosy Christmas - Story SnugThe Story: Little Hedgehog and his friends have fun finding and decorating their Christmas tree. But during the night somebody snores, a biscuit is stolen from the tree and everybody wakes up grumpy. The following night is even worse and in the morning Little Hedgehog is upset when he discovers that his favourite hat has disappeared. On Christmas Eve Little Hedgehog hardly sleeps a wink but next morning Mouse discovers the cause of all the chaos and Little Hedgehog makes a new friend.

Despite the problems with the Christmas tree and the strange nocturnal noises, One Cosy Christmas turns out to be pretty perfect. Little Hedgehog and his friends work together to decorate the tree, they skate on the frozen pond, play in the snow, make Christmas presents and drink cocoa while they listen to stories by the fire.

Little Hedgehog is joined by Rabbit, Badger, Fox and woodland mice. They all enthusiastically join in with the Christmas preparations and they show their affection for Little Hedgehog by baking surprises, making special presents and helping him look for his lost hat. The story is full of kindness and caring but it also acknowledges that despite striving to make everything perfect unexpected surprises and events can cause problems. We like the way that grumpiness and over tiredness is also included in the story, the reality is that they often play a part in Christmas celebrations!

One Cosy Christmas fireside - Story Snug

Tina Macnaughton’s gorgeous illustrations exude warmth and festivity. We love her cute animal characters and it’s really difficult to choose our favourite illustrations. I love Badger’s story time, it’s great to see him reading on Christmas Eve and my daughter loves the ice skating scene with the little mice trying to keep up with the bigger animals! As with many of the other books Little Hedgehog’s hat is soft and furry to the touch, it’s a great idea for encouraging children to touch and talk about the pictures as you read.

One Cosy Christmas exudes all the warmth, generosity and kindness of Christmas with a little bit of tiredness and grumpiness thrown in. It’s a perfect Christmas bedtime story.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: M Christina Butler / Illustrator: Tina Macnaughton

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a copy of this beautiful book. We’re so pleased that Little Hedgehog and his friends solved the mystery in time to have their perfect Christmas.

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  1. I really like this story, my youngest enjoyed it too, the illustrations are just so sweet and we all like to be cosy at Christmas don’t we! #readwithme

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