Pip and Posy Jigsaw Building Blocks with a Book by Axel Scheffler

We are huge fans of Pip and Posy and are very excited about the new Pip and Posy Jigsaw Building Blocks. Pip and Posy played a huge role in our daughter’s early reading journey and we had a lot of fun putting the building blocks together and reading some of the stories that they came from. The nine blocks come with a Pip and Posy board book, Pip and Posy The Big Balloon, and would make a wonderful Christmas present for young readers.

Pip and Posy Jigsaw Building Blocks - Story SnugThe Story: Pip is very proud of his big red balloon but he accidentally lets go of it and it pops. Pip is very sad but then Posy has a great idea to make him happy again.

The Big Balloon takes a familiar experience and acknowledges the emotions that a child feels when something special is lost. It also highlights the wonderfully supportive friendship between the two characters.

Pip is a rabbit and Posy is a mouse and their adventures are based on familiar childhood experiences – playing in the snow, scooting in the park, having a sleepover and not getting to the toilet on time. Although they are best friends the two also disagree at times. This leads them to learning how to deal with negative situations which are resolved in a way that a child can understand. Pip and Posy’s experiences often help children learn to deal with situations that they might find difficult, they are such adorable characters that readers can empathise with every situation and emotion that they are going through.

The building blocks are sturdy and include a beach scene, a bedtime scene, park scenes and a bus. Not only can they be made into pictures but they can also be used to build towers. They are great for sorting and encouraging observation skills too, children can look for all of the blocks showing Pip or all of the blocks with birds on. A picture card shows what each completed picture looks like and the blocks and the book come in a sturdy box with a handle to carry them. The box is small enough to carry if you need an activity to keep a child busy on a train or in a restaurant.

Pip and Posy Jigsaw Building Blocks can encourage children to talk about the characters, what they are doing in each picture and also recognise the story that each scene comes from. They’re a great resource for helping to develop speaking skills and can encourage children to share their thoughts on the stories too.

It’s so lovely to see more Pip and Posy stories and resources for toddlers, we have very fond memories of our story times with Pip and Posy.

Age range: 2 +

Author / Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Thank you Nosy Crow for sending the Pip and Posy Jigsaw Building Blocks. We know several little people who would love to find them under their Christmas trees this year. We’re very excited to see that Pip and Posy: The Christmas Tree has just been published too 🙂

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