A CHILDREN’S BOOK OF MINDFULNESS ‘happy’ by Nicola Edwards & Katie Hickey

A CHILDREN’S BOOK OF MINDFULNESS ‘happy’ is a beautifully illustrated introduction to mindfulness which shows children how they can connect to the world around them. In a society full of stress and pressure it’s often difficult to find time to stop and appreciate our surroundings and the people in our lives. Screen time is increasing, outside play is decreasing and many children now have anxiety and mental health problems. Teaching them mindfulness can help them to slow down, relax and find ways to cope with stress.

Children's Book of Mindfulness - Story SnugAlthough A CHILDREN’S BOOK OF MINDFULNESS is a picture book its simple rhyming text and beautiful illustrations have a calming effect on readers of all ages. The book starts with a definition of Mindfulness and an invitation to ‘discover some simple steps’ on the path to happiness.

We are then encouraged to focus on each of our senses as well as discovering new things, relaxing, breathing and loving one another. Five children take us through the book and show us how we can experience each moment. The book ends with a reminder that ‘Real life is right under our noses.’

Each double spread ends with a question or a suggestion as to how children can better connect to their surroundings.

Katie Hickey’s illustrations are absolutely beautiful. The children come from different cultural backgrounds and we particularly like the inclusion of a child with glasses. We love the earthy colours of the illustrations, many of which show the children outside. Our favourite illustration is an indoor illustration and shows the different ways we can be loving – hugging, helping a friend and curling up with a favourite pet. We also love the ‘feeling’ illustration which helps children to understand that the sun won’t shine every day and encourages them to think about what makes them happy.The Children's Book of Mindfulness 'feelings' - Story Snug

The book’s message is that by stopping and appreciating our surroundings and senses, we can much better connect to the world around us. It’s a great message for readers of all ages.

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Nicola Edwards / Illustrator: Katie Hickey

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending this gorgeous book.

27 thoughts on “A CHILDREN’S BOOK OF MINDFULNESS ‘happy’ by Nicola Edwards & Katie Hickey

    • It can definitely help you to stimulate conversations with Sophie and help her to realise that it’s ok to feel sad. I think that it’s also good in the way that it encourages children to use all of their senses to make sense of their experiences. The questions are helpful and I guess that if you read the book regularly, a child will realise that their feelings, emotions and perspectives will differ on different days. Sending a hug to Sophie, it must be so hard for her to make sense of her life without Jessica. x

    • We rush around so much in our daily lives that I think it’s good to be reminded that it’s important to be still and to connect with our surroundings and our senses.

  1. The illustrations look beautiful. I think this would really help my 5 year old, he really struggles with his emotions and worries a lot. I’ll have to get hold of a copy. #TriedTested

    • It’s a great book to encourage children to really look at their surroundings and help them to understand their emotions, as an adult it had a calming effect on me too. I just wanted to lie back and look at the clouds after reading it :o)

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