I thought I saw a… bear! by Lydia Nichols

I thought I saw a… bear! is a really cute board book with a very simple text and a repetitive refrain. It introduces young children to different kinds of transport and a bear who likes to hide! My daughter was insistent that we include this book on Story Snug, she’s no longer a board book reader but thinks this book ‘is cool’!

I thought I saw a bear! - Story SnugThe Story: I thought I saw a… bear is followed by a question – is it in / on… Readers can then slide the slider to see the bear travelling in various different vehicles.

Introducing babies & toddlers to books is made fun with this little interactive book. It is the perfect size for little hands and has chunky colourful pages. Even the cover has a slider so that children can see the bear on the bus – he looks very cool with his sunglasses! The bear hides in four different modes of transport before he is revealed riding in a race on a ‘vehicle’ that children will be familiar with and may even own themselves. Our favourite illustration shows the bear’s airborne mode of transport but we also like making the little fish jump out of the sea!

Lydia Nichols’ illustrations are full of colour and each page has a slider with a small hole in it which is the perfect size for a little finger. The bear is not completely hidden but pops up in the vehicle when you make him move. The final page slides out to show the bear having a race, we particularly like the competitor in second place!

This is a great book to choose if you’re looking for a fun book to start off a little reader’s library. Although it has a very simple text it provides lots of scope for discussion and learning.

Age Range: 1 +

Author / Illustrator: Lydia Nichols

Thank you Templar Publishing for sending I thought I saw a… bear. We think it’s a really fun read for very little people 🙂

22 thoughts on “I thought I saw a… bear! by Lydia Nichols

  1. This sounds like a good book to take on holidays/travels, do a bit of vehicle spotting #readwithme

  2. Oh this book looks so much fun, I can see why your daughter wanted to include it on Story Snug! Tell her good choice 🙂 My youngest loves these types of interactive board books, so we will definitely keep an eye out for it! #readwithme

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