LOOK OUT, It’s a Dragon! by Jonny Lambert

We love Saffi, the main character in LOOK OUT, It’s a Dragon!, unlike other dragons she’s extremely kindhearted and friendly. But dragons don’t have the best of reputations so complications arise when she tries to make friends.

LOOK OUT, It's a Dragon! - Story SnugThe Story: When Saffi the dragon looks for a new home she lands in the woods but the woodland animals don’t give her a very warm welcome. Saffi tries to befriend them but her attempts backfire so she leaves. However, when other dragons put the animals in danger Saffi comes to their rescue and helps them find a housing solution that will suit them all.

LOOK OUT, It’s a Dragon! is a beautifully illustrated story about overcoming prejudice, accepting differences and friendship. Mouse and the other birds and animals have preconceived ideas about dragons and Saffi’s efforts to dispel them inadvertently lead to more trouble. Saffi’s chance to prove that she’s different comes when other dragons behave as the woodland animals expect them to but despite the way that Saffi has been treated she rushes to the aid of her new friends.

The danger of stereotyping and judging others is dealt with in a gentle and humorous way. Saffi is such an innocent, lovable character and we really empathise with the joys and disappointments that she experiences in the story, the double spread where she leaves really pulls at our heartstrings! The simple text is easy to read and is accompanied by Jonny Lambert’s beautiful, earthy illustrations. Saffi is a beautiful blue green colour and the animals, including birds, a fox and a squirrel are gorgeous. Mouse, the smallest character, proves to be the most vocal, we love it when he squeaks ‘Knobbly knickers!’ and at one point he bellows!

This story is fantastic for initiating discussion about how first impressions can sometimes be wrong and that getting to know somebody before making a judgement is important. There are lots of other talking points that can arise from this story including making friends, treating people as you expect to be treated yourself, the habitats of different creatures and which animals live in a wood.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Jonny Lambert

Thank you Little Tiger Press for sending LOOK OUT, It’s a Dragon! We would love to see Saffi and her friends in another story 🙂

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    • It is and Saffi is a wonderful role model, despite the way that the woodland animals behave towards her she still comes to help when they are in danger 🙂

  1. Oh this sounds fab and I love the illustration on the cover. I really love it when books for children have a message like this one.

  2. Sounds like there’s some good lessons to be learnt by reading this book and what a great character choice to portray them! #readwithme

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