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Hidden World Ocean by Libby Walden & Stephanie Fizer-Coleman

Hidden World Ocean is a beautifully illustrated, sturdy lift-the-flap book which introduces children to thirty six different sea dwelling creatures. It’s a colourful introduction to sea life which includes many different species including sharks, octopuses, various fish and crabs.

The book is split into six sections which include the biggest animals on the planet, creatures that live on the ocean floor and creatures that use camouflage. Each double spread introduces six different creatures and the reader can lift the flap to discover an interesting fact about each one.

We’ve learnt so many amazing facts from Hidden World Ocean, we were particularly fascinated by the spots on the butterfly fish and the way that the mimic octopus behaves. We learnt how various sea creatures camouflage themselves and how others react when threatened. The spread showing creatures living in the Deep Sea particularly interested us and explained how different creatures light up their way in the dark.

Stephanie Fizer-Coleman’s illustrations are absolutely beautiful. Each spread is colour co-ordinated to its theme, dark blue for Deep Sea contrasts with the Colourful Creatures spread.

We particularly liked the illustrations of the seahorses and thought that the sea dragon was especially cute. It was interesting to see several different kinds of octopus and crab and we were amazed to read that there are over 3000 different species of sea slug. Many of the creatures are accompanied by numerical facts pertaining to size, number of teeth or how many live together, this really is in interesting first non fiction book.

Hidden World Ocean would be a great book to use as part of a classroom topic on the sea. Children could be encouraged to find out their own facts about one of the creatures in the book to include in a class book. The book could also inspire a classroom wall display. With its bite sized chunks of information it’s also a great book for beginner or reluctant readers who may be intimidated by a lot of text on a page.

Author: Libby Walden / Illustrator: Stephanie Fizer-Coleman

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending Hidden World: Ocean, we have all learnt new facts from the book.

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16 responses to “Hidden World Ocean by Libby Walden & Stephanie Fizer-Coleman”

  1. Acorn Books avatar

    I love books like this that are full of brilliant facts… how many species of sea slugs!? The illustrations look fab too #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      There is lots of interesting information but I find that we always remember the quirkiest facts!!

  2. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs avatar

    What a lovely way to discover fun facts about sea life. I had no idea there were so many species of sea slugs!

    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC x

    1. Catherine Friess avatar

      It’s an amazing number isn’t it! I wonder who counted them all 🙂

  3. Kate Eccles avatar

    This looks fantastic! Definitely a great one for the classroom 🙂 #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      It is! There’s some wonderful non fiction for children being published at the moment 🙂

  4. Colette avatar

    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome Colette 🙂

  5. Debbie avatar

    Hi Catherine, what a fascinating book to learn from and children do love lifting flaps to find out facts. I want to meet the person who counted the different varieties of sea slugs! This book sounds like it would be a great addition to any child’s bookcase.


    1. Catherine avatar

      I hadn’t thought of that, how exactly do you discover how many sea slugs there are?! We’re also curious to know how much is really known about the creatures from the deepest parts of the ocean.

  6. chantelle hazelden avatar
    chantelle hazelden

    Love that there is such a variety, a lot of picture books tend to focus on 5 – 10 species/animals, nice to have lots to look at and learn about. Thanks for sharing with #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      This is beautifully designed and I like the way that the book includes more than one member of a particular species, e.g. octopus, to show that they can also have different characteristics.

  7. Fiona Cambouropoulos avatar

    A great topic to cover with children and it sounds packed with interesting information. #triedtested

    1. Catherine avatar

      There are some really interesting facts, especially the numerical ones 🙂

  8. Kim Carberry avatar

    This looks like such an interesting book….It sounds like there is a lot to learn from it x

    1. Catherine avatar

      I learnt lots too. I now know how many teeth a shark has 🙂