International Book Giving Day Bookmarks and Bookplates

International Book Giving Day (IBGD) is just two weeks today! Author / Illustrator Elys Dolan has not only designed this year’s fabulous poster but she has also designed the 2018 International Book Giving Day bookmarks and bookplates. The poster, bookmarks and bookplates are free to download from the Book Giving Day website.

As IBGD takes place during the school holiday we’re going to give bookmarks to friends and teachers next week to tell them about the day. We downloaded the PDFs from the website, printed them onto thin card then laminated them.International Book Giving Day Bookmarks

The bookplates are absolutely gorgeous too. They’re also easy to download and then print. I’ve just ordered a book to give to my daughter and will be sticking this cute little dragon inside 🙂International Book Giving Day Bookplate - Story Snug

We’ve been sorting through our bookshelves to find books that we no longer read and are planning to make a ‘book cake‘ to give to our local library. They don’t have money in their budget for English books so it’s great to be able to support them with book donations.Book 'Diaper' Cake - Story Snug

Plans for our Book Giving Day giveaway are being finalised and we’d like to say a huge thank you to the authors and illustrators who are generously giving books away on Story Snug this year.

What will you be doing on International Book Giving Day 2018? We’d love to hear your plans 🙂International Book Giving Day Poster 2018 - Story Snug

18 thoughts on “International Book Giving Day Bookmarks and Bookplates

  1. Hi Catherine, I think IBGD is a fantastic idea. Not only is it a fun way of encouraging children to read and enjoy books, but books can be expensive, so to gift a book could make a difference to one child’s life. I won’t be doing anything for IBGD, but we do always pass on old books to people that we think will love and cherish those books as much as we did.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    • It’s lovely to pass on old books for other people to enjoy. I can’t understand people who just throw books away (unless they’re completely falling apart!).

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