I say OOH You say AAH by John Kane

I say OOH You say AAH is a hilarious read aloud picture book. It is hugely entertaining for the reader and the listener and introduces children to the concept of following instructions in a fun way. Listener responses are a big part of the reading experience and the first time we read the book together my daughter could hardly reply because she was laughing so much. She immediately wanted to read it out loud to Daddy!

I say OOH You say AAH - Story SnugWhen I say OOH You say AAH is the first instruction. Once you have practised that you are asked to say a specific word when you see a particular picture or do a specific action when you see a particular colour. The word repetition and the actions that you undertake introduce you to ants and a donkey who is looking for his underpants. Hilarity ensues and, if our experience with this book is anything to go by, you will be laughing out loud by the end of it!

Using simple text and bold colourful pictures I say OOH You say AAH is a brilliantly funny way of teaching a child how to respond to instructions. My daughter found it hilarious when she had to remind Daddy of an action he had missed.

The text is simple and repetitive and different size fonts let you know when you should shout or when you should whisper. The illustrations are bold and colourful, this book is as much about reading the pictures as the words. John Kane’s use of white space and blocks of colour make it particularly appealing to younger children who are just starting to read picture books but it is also great fun for an older reader. My daughter finds it hilarious, she loves the donkey, especially when he puts his pants on. I love the picture of him running and think that the way that children are asked to say their name and personalise the story is brilliant!

I say OOH You say AAH would be a great book to use in the classroom with a new class as an icebreaker or in a one to one situation with a shy or reluctant reader. The repetition and the inclusion of ‘picture reading’ also makes it a great book for a beginner reader and a non native English speaker.

This is a fabulous book for showing children that books can be fun. Its friendly, chatty text and invitation to join in makes it a really amusing and interactive reading experience.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: John Kane

Thank you to Templar Publishing for sending a copy of I say OOH You say AAH. We think it’s brilliant!

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  1. Hi Catherine, I can imagine children really enjoying this book and there is nothing better than hearing the sound of a child laughing whilst they are learning.


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