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Dec 11th: Book Monster Ally chooses The Christmas Truce

Author: Hilary Robinson / Illustrator: Martin Impey

The Story: The Christmas Truce is a historical non-fiction story taking us back to the trenches in World War One.

We are in the midst of war, but on Christmas Eve, a group of exhausted soldiers start to sing ‘Stille Nacht’. Soldiers from across No Man’s Land, hear this and sing ‘Silent Night’ right back. The following day, Christmas, the soldiers put down their weapons and play a friendly football match together and for one day, there is peace.

Why is The Christmas Truce your favourite Christmas book?

I love that The Christmas Truce doesn’t focus on the usual bright fuss of Christmas, toys, Father Christmas, and huge decorations. It takes us to a true story where the main importance of the Christmas is that it’s a time of peace, and friendship and forgiveness. This book is not only beautifully lyrical to read and stunningly atmospheric to look at, but it offers huge educational value too. A beautiful book that shows the real simple joy of Christmas time. The Christmas Truce is Incredibly hopeful yet sad at the same time. It’s heartfelt and so superbly executed by Hilary and Martin. A picture book suitable for older children, but would also make a much loved Christmas present for adults. This is a Christmas story which celebrates friendship, kindness, and the power of the human spirit.

Can you describe a favourite illustration or give a favourite quote from the story and tell us why you chose it.

The Christmas Truce Dove - Story Snug

This is my favourite illustration AND quote. It’s a pause in the poetry to introduce the dove and the idea of peace through her simple gift. It’s so poignant, I love it.

Christmas Truce Peace - Story Snug

I also love this illustration, it’s so full of joy and hope and I think Martin just did a fantastic job of the lighting and atmosphere, and it sums up what the story is about. So beautiful.[amazon template=multinational&asin=B00SLTSHAC]

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Which book is on your Christmas wishlist this year?

For Christmas I would really like The Ice Bear, artist edition by Jackie Morris and also The Lost Words by Robert McFarlane and Jackie Morris. Though I have a long long list of other books. Being a Book Monster they make up a large part of my Christmas list.

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