The Dressing-Up Dad by Maudie Smith & Paul Howard

The Dressing-Up Dad is a fun loving, very unique Dad, he isn’t ‘ordinary’ like other dads! Danny and his dad have great fun dressing up together but when Dad becomes an ordinary dad for a day, Danny learns how important it is to be encouraged to be yourself.

The Dressing-up Dad - Story SnugThe Story: Danny and his dad love dressing up but sometimes Danny wonders what it would be like to have an ‘ordinary everyday dad’. So Danny asks his dad to come to his birthday party as an ordinary dad. ‘Ordinary Dad’ organises a great party but then Danny realises that he wants his dad to have fun too. When Dad dresses up none of Danny’s friends want to go home!

We love the costumes that Danny and his dad wear and think it’s funny that the dog wears a costume that matches their themes too! ‘Dressing-Up Dad’ is who Danny’s dad is and ultimately Danny acknowledges this as well as realising that he has the best dad in the world.

Most children love to dress up and they particularly love it when parents join in with their dressing up games. Danny and his dad take this to a new level, as well as dressing up for birthday parties they dress up on all occasions including bathtime and when building a snowman. But children can also find it difficult when their parents stand out from the crowd so Dad fulfils Danny’s birthday wish and wears an outfit like every other dad. At the party Danny learns a valuable lesson, our individuality should be celebrated, and we love the final double spread which shows Dad and Danny shopping in their own inimitable style!

Paul Howard’s illustrations are full of humour, we particularly like the birthday party scenes when Danny and his dad really have fun with their costumes. It’s amazing how many different costumes are included in the story but my daughter’s particular favourite is Dad’s onesie. I find Dad’s octopus costume funny and love the dog’s matching fishy costume.

The Dressing-Up Dad is a great story to give to a dad as a Fathers’ Day or birthday present. It’s a lovely celebration of a father / son relationship with a great underlying message.

Author: Maudie Smith / Illustrator: Paul Howard

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  1. Hi Catherine, who wants an ordinary Dad? This book sounds great for teaching children that it’s okay to be different. I’m not sure if any Dad should ever wear a onesie though! *shudder*

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