Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide by Emma Yarlett

Nibbles The Book Monster is back in Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide! Nibbles has really bitten off more than he can chew in this adventure which introduces him to different kinds of dinosaurs. Full of flaps, holes and dinosaur facts this is a really fun story for very little dinosaur lovers but also includes fabulous facts and jokes for older readers.

Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide - Story SnugThe Story: Somebody or something has chewed a hole in a dinosaur book. After being identified as Nibbles and put into a cage it isn’t long before the little monster escapes. He meets a variety of dinosaurs as he munches his way through their book but meeting Tyrannosaurus Rex puts Nibbles in real danger…

Nibbles takes huge risks when he chomps his way through the different chapters in a dinosaur book. He meets triceratopses, diplodocuses and velociraptors before his encounter with Tyrannosaurus Rex. We love the fact files for each dinosaur which tell us which period they were alive, what size they were, whether they were carnivores or herbivores and how fast they could move. There are also several references to dinosaur poo and farts!

Humour is intertwined with interesting dinosaur facts in Nibbles’ fast paced adventure which gets more thrilling and dangerous as he meets the carnivores. Nibbles is fearless and we are drawn deeper into his story as we lift the flaps and look through the holes in the pages. Although Nibbles doesn’t speak throughout the book we can tell what he’s thinking through his wonderful facial expressions, a particular favourite is his expression of joy before he meets Tyrannosaurus Rex. The dinosaur’s conversations move the story along and we love reading their comments and observations in the many speech bubbles which also include dinosaur themed jokes.

There are so many wonderfully entertaining details in Emma Yarlett’s illustrations and the earthy colours are perfect for the story. It’s very difficult to pick favourite illustrations but my daughter loves the page with the information about Nibbles especially the species data which lists him as a ‘Bookivore’! My favourite involves Tyrannosaurus Rex which gave me a heart stopping moment when I first saw it…

Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide would be a fabulous book to include in a classroom topic on dinosaurs. Not only is it a highly entertaining story but the introduction of dinosaur facts can stimulate children’s own research into their favourite dinosaurs. The dinosaurs could even be included in a class book for Nibbles to munch through!

Nibbles is such an entertaining monster and the fast paced action in this amusing story keeps us turning the pages until the very end…

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Emma Yarlett

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Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a copy of Nibbles The Dinosaur Guide. It’s a really fun read and we’re especially intrigued by the final endpaper!

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  1. Hi Catherine, children learn more when facts are presented in a fun and interesting way. I love the anticipation children have for opening up flaps even when they know what’s behind them. This book does sound like it would be a fun addition to any classroom or bookshelf.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    • The reason that Nibble The Dinosaur Guide works so well is because it works on several levels. The flaps are fun for everybody and as children get older they will become more interested in the facts which are presented within a humorous framework.

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