We Are Family by Patricia Hegarty & Ryan Wheatcroft

Every family is different and this beautifully illustrated picture book wonderfully portrays the diverse nature of families in our society today. Despite many differences in family structures there are also many similarities and experiences regardless of race, religion or colour. We Are Family does a fantastic job of portraying different families whilst showing how their members support and live with each other through good times and bad.

We are Family - Story SnugThe book introduces us to ten different families. They vary from families with one child to a family with four. There are families with a father and mother, families with same sex parents, a family with a single parent, another with grandparents, a family with a (possibly) fostered or adopted child, mixed race families and a familiy with a disabled child.

Experiences shown include the different ways that families start the day, how children get to school, different holiday activities, how families look after each other when they’re sick and how families work together to cope with difficulties or disappointments. It shows good times, bad times and the ways that each family is similar but different.

Each experience is shown on a double page spread with a short rhyming text. Ryan Wheatcroft has captured the individual family scenes in cameos across the spreads and it is fascinating to pick one particular family and follow their experiences throughout the book. The inclusion of a wide range of characters including a child in a wheelchair, a child wearing glasses and children with same sex parents will hopefully ensure that readers can identify with particular individuals or families as they read. We love Ryan’s illustrations especially the endpapers which include illustrations from throughout the book.

We are Family endpapers

This would be a wonderful  book to include in a school or classroom library, it could be used to stimulate discussions about children’s own families. A We Are Family wall display would be great for a classroom wall!

Age Range: 3+

Author: Patricia Hegarty / Illustrator: Ryan Wheatcroft

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a copy of this beautifully illustrated, diverse picture book.

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  1. Hi Catherine, what a wonderful book. Children need to know that having a family is important and how it is made up isn’t. People in families support and look out for one another, no matter how diverse and different it may be.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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