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Story Snug Advent: N is for The Nutcracker

N is for The Nutcracker by John Cech and Eric Puybaret

We’ve only read very simple picture book versions of The Nutcracker so we found this beautifully illustrated, wordier edition of the story really fascinating to read. We weren’t aware of the curse that resulted in a young man becoming a nutcracker and didn’t realise just how evil The Mouse Queen is!

The layout of this edition really appeals to us, the text is printed on a plain coloured page and is complemented by Eric Puybaret’s beautiful, full page illustrations. It would make a gorgeous Christmas present, especially for those of you who are going to see The Nutcracker on stage this Christmas.

The Story: Godfather Drosselmeier gives Marie a nutcracker for Christmas. That evening Marie stays awake but once everybody is in bed The Mouse King and his army invade the house. The Nutcracker defeats the mice then takes Marie to his land where they watch the Sugar Plum Fairy dance. Next day Marie wakes up with a fever and thinks it was all a dream but Godfather Drosselmeier visits and tells her the Nutcracker’s story – The Mouse Queen cursed Princess Pirlipat and one of Godfather Drosselmeier’s relatives saved her but became cursed in the process. Marie wishes that she can break the curse but several years later her Nutcracker disappears. Then Godfather Drosselmeier brings his nephew to visit…

Author: John Cech / Illustrator: Eric Puybaret

The Night Before the Night Before Christmas - Story Snug

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Thank you to GMC Distribution for sending us this beautifully illustrated edition of The Nutcracker which was published by Sterling Books.

N is for The Nutcracker

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