Story Snug Advent: I is for I’ve Seen Santa!

I is for I’ve Seen Santa!

I’ve Seen Santa! is a gorgeous sturdy board book that tells the story of Christmas Eve in the Bear house. Little Bear is worried that Santa won’t come as he has so many bears to visit all over the world and like many children he finds it difficult to get to sleep! Tim Warne’s wonderful illustrations accompany David Bedford’s text which includes questions and worries about Santa’s visit that a young child may also have.

I've Seen Santa - Story SnugThe Story: Little Bear is looking forward to seeing Santa and tries to stay awake. Several times he hears noises downstairs and goes to investigate so Big Bear decides that they should keep watch and Mummy joins them but although they spend the night on the living room floor they don’t see Santa. Was Santa really there?

Author: David Bedford / Illustrator: Tim Warnes







Jane Chapman - Is It Christmas Yet? - Story SnugAnother excited little bear is waiting for Christmas in Is It Christmas Yet? by Jane Chapman.




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I Love Christmas - Story SnugIf You Take A Mouse To The Movies - Story SnugNicola Marie suggested I love Christmas by Anna Walker and If You Take A Mouse to the Movies by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond. Thank you Nicola Marie!




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Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us copies of both these beautiful books.

I've Seen Santa

by Tim Warnes David Bedford [Little Tiger Press]
£7.99 ·  EUR 10,00 ·  EUR 9,33 ·  EUR 11,75 ·  $14.41

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  1. Hi Catherine, good illustrations are a must in any children’s book and judging by the cover the illustrations in this charming sounding Christmas book are perfect. I’ve Seen Santa sounds like a lovely book to enjoy adding to the magic of Christmas.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.

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