Story Snug Advent: E is for Elmer’s Christmas

E is for Elmer’s Christmas

We love the relationship between Elmer and the younger elephants in Elmer’s Christmas. Whilst joining in with their excitement about the forthcoming visit from Papa Red, Elmer also helps them to understand that Christmas is about giving. We think it’s great that they choose a Christmas tree with roots so that it can be replanted after Christmas.

Elmer's Christmas - Story SnugThe Story: The little elephants are excited about Papa Red’s visit so Elmer takes them to find a tree while the old elephants wrap up presents. The little elephants play in the snow before they take the tree home to decorate it. On Christmas night the little elephants hide and watch Elmer give Papa Red the presents. Elmer explains that Christmas is for giving and later that night he puts a Christmas present from Papa Red next to each sleeping elephant.

Author / Illustrator: David McKee

If you would like to make your own Elmer to hang on the Christmas tree you can download a template from the Andersen Press website.




Elmer in the Snow - Story SnugElmer goes high up into the mountains for some snowy fun in Elmer in the Snow by David McKee.




Can you suggest any more Christmas or wintry books that begin with the letter E? Please leave your suggestions in the comments or tweet them using the hashtag #StorySnugAdvent

Elmo's 12 Days of Christmas - Story SnugBut No Elephants - Story SnugThank you to Nicola Marie for suggesting Elmo’s 12 Days of Christmas by Sarah Albee and Maggie Swanson.

Thank you to Ross for suggesting But No Elephants by Jerry Smath.



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Elmer's Christmas

by David McKee [Andersen Press]
£6.99 ·  EUR 6,99 ·  EUR 8,33 ·  EUR 8,26 ·  $10.72

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  1. I love posts like this, it reminds me of when my girls were little and I used to read books to them. Feeling a bit nostalgic now #MMBC x

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