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Story Snug Advent: B is for Best Christmas Book Ever

B is for Best Christmas Book Ever by Richard Scarry

Best Christmas Book Ever is a childhood favourite of mine and includes many favourite friends including Lowly Worm, The Cat family and Sergeant Murphy. The traditions included in the stories are the same as many of those we celebrate today and the humour in the stories still makes me laugh! This edition was reprinted in 2014.

Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book Ever is a collection of short stories about Christmas in Busytown. The ten stories include getting ready for Christmas, a very special Christmas present for Doctor Bones, trouble at Santa’s workshop and a visit to Grandma’s house. There’s a game you can play, two Christmas Carols, a page of Christmas words and instructions for making a Christmas pomander.

Author / Illustrator; Richard Scarry

Baby Christmas - Story Snug

Last year author Peter Bentley recommended Baby Christmas by Michael Lawrence and Arthur Robins on Story Snug’s Advent Calendar.

We couldn’t put A Boy Called Christmas by Matt Haig and Chris Mould down. It’s a fantastic festive read for older children and adults too.

A Boy Called Christmas - Story Snug

Can you suggest any more Christmas books that begin with the letter B? Please leave the titles in the comments or tweet suggestions using the hashtag #StorySnugAdvent

Thank you Jake for suggesting Babar and Father Christmas by Jean de Brunhoff and Bugs At Christmas by Beatrice Alemagna.

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B is for Best Christmas Book Ever

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4 responses to “Story Snug Advent: B is for Best Christmas Book Ever”

  1. Debbie avatar

    Hi Catherine, we still have some special Christmas books that still come out at every Christmas despite my two being almost all grown up. None of them begin with the letter B though (sorry). There are still two Richard Scarry books on the bookshelf that were mine as a child, he was a favourite of mine, looking for Lowly Worm used to pass the time when I was sick… Luckily I have a very short memory!

    If my two were younger Richard Scarry’s Best Christmas Book ever would be on our mantel piece too.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


    1. Catherine avatar

      Lowly Worm was one of my favourite characters. I love his mode of transport in this book!

  2. Jake avatar

    Got lots of ‘Bs’ for you:
    Bugs and Christmas by Beatrice Alemagna
    Barbapapas Christmas
    Biff Chip and Kipper’s Christmas Adventure
    and my personal favourite, Babar and Father Christmas

    1. Catherine avatar

      Wow! Thank you Jake 🙂 I’ve added the ones that are still in print.