Story Snug Advent: Y is for The 12 Days o Yule

Y is for The 12 Days o Yule by Susan Rennie and Matthew Land

The 12 Days o Yule is a beautifully illustrated Scottish retelling of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Hopefully we can find a wee lad or lassie who can read it to us in a Scottish accent! Matthew Land’s gorgeous illustrations on the right of the spread complement the text on the left which is easy to read and printed on a plain coloured background.

The 12 Days o Yule - Story SnugThe Story: The rhyme starts with a ‘reid robin in a rowan tree’. The characters aren’t the same as in the traditional rhyme, we love the owl page with the ‘hoolets hootin’ but the gold rings remain (can you guess which animals are wearing them?). There are bagpipers, drummers and Scottish dancers and the final double spread shows all the characters enjoying the festive season.

Author / Reteller: Susan Rennie / Illustrator: Matthew Land




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