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Christmas Colouring from Nosy Crow

It’s still early to be thinking about Christmas but not if you are thinking about doing some Christmas colouring in preparation for the festive season. This month Nosy Crow has published two beautifully illustrated Christmas colouring books, The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes CHRISTMAS and The Colouring Book of Beautiful Gift Boxes CHRISTMAS. The illustrations are absolutely gorgeous and the books provide great entertainment for adults as well as children, they’re the perfect activity for an autumn school break.

The books are sturdy with thick card pages which can be torn out to colour. We used coloured pencils, glitter pens and felt tip pens to colour our cards, boxes and envelopes. All worked well as long as the pencils were sharp or the felt tips were slim, some of the details in the pictures are very intricate.

Christmas colouring - cards and envelopes - Story Snug

The Colouring Book of Cards and Envelopes CHRISTMAS by Rebecca Jones has been produced in association with The National Trust and contains twenty four pages of cards and envelopes and a page of Christmas stickers. The cards have a range of designs including reindeer, Christmas trees and we love the Christmassy woodland animals. My daughter chose to colour a reindeer card and I coloured the stockings. All four sides of the card can be coloured and there is space on the back for the ‘artist’ to write their name. The envelopes can also be coloured then mixed or matched with the cards. They are easy to fold and can be sealed with one of the colourful stickers.

The Colouring Book of Beautiful Gift Boxes CHRISTMAS by Sarah Walsh contains twenty four pages of Christmas gift boxes to colour. The pages are perforated and the box templates can be torn out, no scissors or glue are needed! There are so many wonderful designs including reindeer, presents, gingerbread men and stockings, it was hard to choose which one to colour first. My daughter coloured the lovebirds and the Russian dolls and I chose the Christmas trees. Both sides are printed and there is space to write your name. The instructions to make the gift boxes are easy to follow and they can be closed with the gold embossed stickers which have space for the recipient’s name as well as the giver. The final page also gives recipes for ‘tasty treats’ that can be made to go inside your boxes.

Colouring Book of Beautiful Gift Boxes: Christmas - Story Snug

Thank you to Nosy Crow for sending us these beautiful books. We’ve really enjoyed our Christmas colouring sessions and the illustrations on both the cards and the boxes are gorgeous. A non English speaking friend visited us last week, saw the boxes that we had made and asked me to order her the Gift Boxes book, these books could be gifted to friends and family all over the world regardless of language!

Nosy Crow Christmas Colouring - Story Snug

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24 responses to “Christmas Colouring from Nosy Crow”

  1. Acorn Books avatar

    These books look like such a lovely idea and a great activity for children running up to Christmas. #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      They are 🙂 We’ve spent the afternoon colouring and (although it’s a bit early!) we had the Christmas music on too.

  2. BookBairn avatar

    What a great selection of books! I’m not much of a colourer myself but BookBairn loves it! I will need to get some festive pictures for her to scribble all over! #readwithme

    1. Catherine avatar

      I’m not a ‘mindful’ coloured but I’m happy to colour if it’s for a useful purpose 🙂

  3. suz avatar

    What a great idea. My grandson is still a bit young to colour in (if you want him to stay in the lines). Maybe an idea for next year.

    1. Catherine avatar

      We had fun sitting together and colouring, it would be a lovely activity for you and him to do together when he’s older 🙂

  4. Sarah MumofThree World avatar

    What a lovely idea to colour in your own Christmas cards! (But I’m very pleased you said it’s too early to think about Christmas – that’s my exact thoughts too!)

    1. Catherine avatar

      It was a bit early to think about Christmas but it took us some time to colour each card and box. Depending on how many you want to send you may need to start early!!

  5. Sarah - let them be small avatar

    the idea of the boxes sounds fab, a nice personal touch and also fun to do 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      The gift boxes are lovely and help to make a present so much more personal 🙂

  6. chantelle hazelden avatar
    chantelle hazelden

    Colouring and Christmas two of my favourite things 🙂 Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

    1. Catherine avatar

      It does feel a bit odd to start colouring for Christmas in October!

  7. Colette avatar

    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

    1. Catherine avatar

      You’re welcome Colette 🙂

  8. Helena avatar

    Oh I do love colouring especially at Christmas. #TriedTested

    1. Catherine avatar

      Finding time to colour isn’t easy, hopefully I’ll have lots of time to colour at Christmas 🙂

  9. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) avatar

    What a brilliant idea. I especially like the look of the gift boxes book 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      The boxes are beautiful and if you are travelling over Christmas they can be transported flat and made up when you get to your destination – no extra glue or sellotape needed!

  10. Fiona Cambouropoulos avatar

    I love Christmas colouring, it reminds me of the excitement of childhood #TriedTested

    1. Catherine avatar

      Yes, it does 🙂 We had more time to colour then!

  11. The Reading Residence avatar

    These look so beautiful and fun to do!

    1. Catherine avatar

      They are gorgeous. I love colouring but I find it even more rewarding when there’s a purpose to it!

  12. Laurel avatar

    Those look like so much fun! And you’re so on top of things!
    I’m so impressed. 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      A lot of our colouring was done while we were home with coughs and colds – it was great medication 🙂