Book inspired baking for #NationalBakingWeek

Happy National Baking Week!

Founded in 2007 the aim of National Baking week is to get people baking. We love to bake and often get our inspiration from stories. Several books have inspired us to get creative in the kitchen, we’d love to hear about any book inspired baking that you may have done.

Elmer by David McKee

This was one of my favourite book inspired baking activities when I was teaching in Early Years. Elmer inspired biscuits can be made using any biscuit recipe you like. Once the biscuits are cool you can create your patchwork elephant by sticking smarties onto a thin layer of icing, the challenge is to make sure that each elephant is decorated using six different coloured smarties! Adding hundreds and thousands also gives an Elmer effect.

David McKee - Elmer - Story Snug                           Elmer Biscuits - Story Snug

The Aerodynamics of Biscuits by Claire Helen Walsh and Sophia Toulaitou

Biscuits and cheese both feature heavily in this story about Oliver and a crew of pirate mice. We combined cheese and biscuits to bake cheesy biscuit rockets (the recipe is in the blogpost).

Aerodynamics of Biscuits Story Snug                    Rocket biscuits - Story Snug

Lucy’s Secret Reindeer by Anne Booth and Sophie Williams

After reading Lucy’s Secret Reindeer we baked Christmas Cookies using the recipe in the back of the book – they tasted absolutely delicious. There is also a recipe for Reindeer Cupcakes included.

Lucy's Secret Reindeer - Story Snug                                 Lucy's Secret Reindeer Biscuits Story Snug

Gobbolino the Witch’s Cat by Ursula Moray Williams

Our chocolate shortbread cats were inspired by Gobbolino. The silver balls from the eyes melted to give her a spooky Halloween look!


Ursula Williams - Gobbolino the Witch's Cat Story Snug                                              Gobbolino Biscuits - Story Snug

Mango and Bambang by Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy

Mango manages to entice Bambang the tapir back to her flat with the promise of her favourite food, banana pancakes. We made vegan banana pancakes using gluten free flour. The recipe is in the blogpost – the pancakes are really delicious!

Mango & Bambang: The Not-a-Pig - Story Snug                                        Mango and Bambang gluten free, vegan banana pancakes - Story Snug

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler

The witch’s plait inspired us to practise our plaiting skills. Baking bread was a fun way of doing this and we plaited loaves and rolls!

Room on the Broom - Story Snug             Room on the Broom Plaited Bread - Story Snug

Happy Birthday Old Bear / Little Bear’s Trousers by Jane Hissey

We wanted to bake a birthday cake for Old Bear’s 30th birthday so we chose one of our favourite Old Bear characters. We made Little Bear with his red trousers – the braces were my daughter’s idea!

 Little Bear's Trousers - Story Snug                                                   Old Bear Birthday Cake - Story Snug

Have you ever been inspired to bake after reading? We’d love to hear which stories inspired your baking!

Enjoy National Baking Week!

Book Inspired Baking - Story Snug

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    • Lots of fairytales inspire baking – The Three Bears (porridge), Hansel and Gretel (gingerbread houses) and Little Red Riding Hood’s picnic for Granny 🙂

  1. Some fab ideas there – and LOVE those elmer biscuits 🙂 My older two are going through a real Elmer phase at the moment so might have a go at these

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