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Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler

Zog is one of my daughter’s favourite Julia Donaldson stories and she was delighted to find the newly published sequel, Zog and the Flying Doctors, at The Edinburgh Book Festival. We had tickets for Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s show which included watching Axel draw pictures of Zog and his friends plus characters from the new story – a mermaid, a lion and a particularly special unicorn.

The Story: Princess Pearl and Gadabout treat a mermaid, a unicorn and a lion before landing at the palace to visit Princess Pearl’s uncle, the king. The king locks Princess Pearl up so that she can do princessy things instead of being a doctor and Zog and Gadabout’s attempts to rescue her end in vain. When the king becomes ill nobody can cure him. Princess Pearl thinks she knows what is wrong and Zog and Gadabout fly off to collect the ingredients for the medicine that she thinks the king needs. But is Princess Pearl right about her uncle’s illness? Will the king let her treat him?

We were introduced to the three main characters in Zog but you don’t need to have read Zog before reading this story. Zog is an air ambulance and transports the flying doctors, Princess Pearl and Gadabout the Great. They make a great team until Pearl’s uncle orders her to put on a nice dress and do ‘princessy things’. However, Zog and Gadabout are true friends who are determined to help her and they don’t hesitate before making the exhausting journey to collect the ingredients that Pearl needs to make her uncle’s medicine. We love kind hearted feisty heroines like Pearl who, despite the situation that she has been put in, is still prepared to help her dying uncle.

Julia Donaldson’s bouncy rhymes create a fun, energetic story and we always spend lots of time looking at the details in Axel Scheffler’s illustrations. Zog is a competent flier although he is not so good at landing, we always look to see how and where he lands and we particularly like the pictures of him landing in the lion’s den! Princess Pearl’s princess dress makes us laugh, it’s the frilliest, flounciest dress possible and doesn’t suit her character at all!

We were very lucky to buy an advance copy of Zog and the Flying Doctors at Edinburgh Book Fest, it’s being published this week. We are also very excited that Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler have signed our copy with an extra message written by Axel in German!

Autographed Zog - Story Snug

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Julia Donaldson / Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

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14 responses to “Zog and the Flying Doctors by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler”

  1. Acorn Books avatar

    I didn’t know there was a new Zog book bring published, we love the first one. How wonderful to have it signed too, that was definitely worth the wait!

    1. Catherine avatar

      It seems it was a well kept secret! We found out when we saw it in the bookshop at The Edinburgh Book Fest. It was definitely worth the wait to get it signed!

  2. Marina Ilieva avatar
    Marina Ilieva

    It looks so lovely and sounds like fun. A wonderful present for any kid. 🙂 x #ReadWithMe

    1. Catherine avatar

      It would make a wonderful Christmas present 🙂

  3. Sarah MumofThree World avatar

    Wow, a signed copy, that’s amazing! My daughter loved Zog back in the day and I can just imagine how good this one is. It’s a shame my daughter is 10 now, so we’ve had to give up on the Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler books 🙁

    1. Catherine avatar

      We stood in a queue for over an hour to get the book signed but it was definitely worth it 🙂

  4. Sian - The Mama Story avatar

    I haven’t come across this one before – it sounds absolutely BRILLIANT! We love mermaids, unicorns and strong female characters. One for the Christmas list for sure.

    1. Catherine avatar

      It’s new, it was only published this month 🙂

  5. Chantelle Hazelden avatar
    Chantelle Hazelden

    Aaaaa I want to read this, love Julia Donaldson! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWIthMe

    1. Catherine avatar

      It’s a really fun follow up to Zog 🙂

  6. The Breastest News avatar

    My son loves the original Zog book and had it personally signed by Julia when we saw her at an Edinburgh Festival show last year. I’ll need to get my hands on this book asap 🙂

    1. Catherine avatar

      Ours was signed at this year’s Edinburgh Book Festival, we had to wait a long time to get it signed but it was worth it 🙂

  7. Kate avatar

    Ahhh! Amazing 🙂 Love the little German message too. Can’t wait to read this, I am more than a little jealous!!

    1. Catherine avatar

      We didn’t realise that Julia Donaldson had written a new book until we saw it in Edinburgh!