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Not Enough For Queen Fluff by Rachel Lyon & Catalina Echeverri

Despite her dreadful behaviour we find Queen Fluff very amusing. She is such a spoilt and self centred bunny that it takes her a while to really realise what is important in life!

The Story: Queen Fluff has all the material possessions that she could possibly want but she’s still bored and lonely. She tells the other bunnies in the kingdom that she will come and visit the fanciest burrow that she can find. But the other bunnies are so poor that they devise a plan to stop her staying. When Queen Fluff visits she is horrified by the conditions that they live in but as she is about to leave she realises that the solution to her problem lies with her…

Queen Fluff is so self centred that she doesn’t seem to realise that, while she lives in a grand burrow with servants and a stagecoach pulled by swans, the rest of her subjects are struggling in poverty. She’s horrified when she visits a burrow and meets a rat wearing just his underpants (it’s one of our favourite pages!) and doesn’t like the idea of eating bug broth. We think that the bunnies’ plan is very clever but it still takes most of the book for Queen Fluff to realise the error of her ways. However, when she does she makes a huge and very generous U-turn.

The story is written in an easy to read rhyming text and I find that I automatically read Queen Fluff’s dialogue in a posh voice! We love Catalina Echeverri’s illustrations, it can’t be easy to draw a haughty face on a bunny but she’s done a great job! We love the illustration showing the bunnies’ burrows, the signpost to Bunnyshire is a fun detail and the little toad under the chair on the final double spread makes us laugh.

The message that it is not what you have but who you are and how you treat people is humorously conveyed in the beautifully illustrated Not Enough For Queen Fluff. It’s a great story to stimulate discussion with a child about what really matters in life

Age Range: 3 +

Author: Rachel Lyon / Illustrator: Catalina Echeverri

Thank you to publisher Maverick for sending us a copy of Queen Fluff. We were not asked to recommend it but we think that the Queen Fluff’s experience is an important one to share.

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2 responses to “Not Enough For Queen Fluff by Rachel Lyon & Catalina Echeverri”

  1. Baby Isabella avatar

    Sounds like a great book with good morals. Love the illustration too! #TriedTested

    1. Catherine avatar

      It’s an amusing way of getting an important message across 🙂