Age Range: 6 to 11

WHIZZ POP BANG! is ‘An Awesomely Amazing Science Magazine’. Designed to help children get excited by science it contains experiments, facts, puzzles, riddles and jokes all presented in a really fun way. But it’s not only great for children, as a parent and as a teacher, I found it interesting, informative and fun to read too!

Thank you to WHIZZ POP BANG! for sending us ‘The Dinosaur Issue’ of the magazine. This issue includes a special report on why dinosaurs became extinct as well as other articles about dinosaurs and an interview with dinosaur hunter, Dr. Steve Brusatte. It’s not all about dinosaurs though, there’s an article about the planet Mercury as well as information and explanations about fire, how levers work, a profile of Leonardo da Vinci and the latest science news.

WHIZZ POP BANG! Magazine cover - Story Snug

Linked to the UK National Curriculum WHIZZ POP BANG! is printed on sturdy ethically sourced paper and contains 32 pages. A contents page at the beginning helps the reader to find what they are looking for and gives a one sentence description about each page. Information is given in bite size chunks and interspersed with clear, colour photographs and quirky illustrations (and there are no adverts!).

There are some great activities and challenges interspersed through the magazine. We had fun looking for the science equipment that was hidden on each page and my daughter enjoyed solving the riddles (she’s also been asking all her friends if they can solve them too!). There’s a letter page where children can ‘Ask Y’ (a robot) their science questions and also send in photos of their own science experiments. The top ten page  of this issue has some really amazing animal facts and there’s a word search and a quiz to complete.

WHIZZ POP BANG! is only available on subscription but the magazine can also be delivered overseas. You can order a single copy of the magazine for £3.75 which is useful if you are a teacher covering a particular science topic. More information is available on the WHIZZ POP BANG! website.

We were not asked to recommend WHIZZ POP BANG! on Story Snug but we want to as it really is an interesting read and a very informative resource for budding scientists (young and old!). As a gender neutral magazine covering a wide range of topics it really does include something for everybody.

16 thoughts on “WHIZZ POP BANG! Magazine

    • It is the kind of magazine that you can dip in and out of as well as go back to for reference. It’s definitely interesting, I learnt lots too!

  1. I have seen these magazines advertised on Facebook but never knew anyone who had actually used one.
    I know the comic format works really well when it comes to engaging my 4yo boy, but ours are mainly art and phonics based. These being science based look really interested and suitable to occupy the minds of slightly older children, so this really does look interesting.

    • I haven’t seen any other magazines that are specifically science based. I like the way that you can order just one magazine to see if you like it before taking out a subscription.

  2. Aaaa love the look of this, reading and having fun whilst learning and the price is quite reasonable compared to a lot of magazines and comics on the market these days! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

  3. This is the sort of thing my boys would have loved when they were younger! There are so many different ways to learn. I read some kids’ science books for work recently and was amazed at how much I learned from reading them. I also know pretty much all I know about history from watching Horrible Histories!

  4. I love anything that might get children excited about science and this looks brilliant!
    Also, how great that there’s no adverts to distract away from the content!

  5. It sounds like a great magazine. I love the no adverts & ethically sourced paper! Also how they have a snippet at the top of each page. Great idea too! Lovely review. #ReadWithMe x

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