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Nibbles The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett

Nibbles The Book Monster has become a well loved member of the family despite being a character who chews through books and causes complete chaos in the stories that he visits! We have already introduced you to Nibbles as part of author / illustrator Emma Yarlett’s blog tour but my daughter loves this story so much that she asked me to write about the book as well!

Nibbles - Story Snug

The Story: Nibbles likes to gnaw and chew on all sorts of different objects but he especially likes to nibble books! He nibbles his way out of his own book into several others and causes havoc as he goes. He scares Goldilocks and puts Little Red Riding Hood’s nose out of joint before escaping with a golden goose. The golden goose takes Nibbles back to his own book but he doesn’t stay safely in his crate for long…

Nibbles the Book Monster has a very sturdy cover but even that’s no match for a determined little monster who grins cheekily as he romps through the stories. You can’t turn your back on him for a minute, even when he’s in his lift-the-flap cage! Nibbles has chosen three different fairytales to chew through and his actions add a humorous twist to each familiar story.

Emma’s illustrations are bold and colourful and include so many wonderful little details. On the first page of the book we can open Nibbles’s cage and before we know it he has escaped into a very messy bookcase full of familiar titles. Tiny black footprints lead us across the page and into Goldilocks And The Three Bears, a book within the book! There are well chewed holes in each page and Nibbles makes an appearance in each story before nibbling his way through the back cover of each book (complete with book blurb!)! We love Nibbles’ outfit in Little Red Riding Hood and my daughter finds the page with the giant very funny (although the giant is definitely not amused by the little monster!).

Nibbles The Book Monster is told in the first person and moves at a fast pace which compels the reader to turn the pages to follow him and see where he goes next. We really hope that there will be another story about this little monster, we really want to know where he goes after he escapes from his own book! The clues that he leaves on the inside of his cage door could help us to find him but we just hope that he hasn’t gone to visit the library…

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Emma Yarlett

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a review copy of Nibbles The Book Monster. We weren’t asked to recommend the book but it’s such a fun, original read that we, especially my daughter, wanted to tell you more about it.

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6 responses to “Nibbles The Book Monster by Emma Yarlett”

  1. CaroleHeidi avatar

    I really love the sound of this one 😀

    1. Catherine avatar

      It’s a lot of fun! Nibbles is a cheeky little monster 🙂

  2. Cheryl Carpinello avatar

    This sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    1. Catherine avatar

      It is! A really cheeky character in a fun story 🙂

  3. Crystal Marcos avatar

    This sounds very fun. It reminds me of the Tickle Monster Book Kit. I have to read this one!

    1. Catherine avatar

      You must! I’m going to look out for the Tickle Monster Book Kit too, it sounds a great title!