Book spine poems – fun with books!

Creating book spine poems is great fun and is an enjoyable school or home library activity. They’re so simple to do! Just browse a bookshelf, choose titles that you can put together to make a short poem or story and then take a picture of the book spines. We had lots of fun creating ours!

Our first poem is about going to bed;

Bedtime Book Spine - Story Snug

Our second poem is about animals and dancing!;

Animal Dancing book spine

Our third poem is abut transport;

Transport Book Spine - Story Snug

We could have created so many more poems. Imagine how much fun you could have doing this in the library!

The learning doesn’t need to stop with creating the book spine poems. Children can also be encouraged to sort their book poems alphabetically by title, author or illustrator. If they’re working in the library they will also need to understand the Dewey system to make sure that they put the shelves back on the right shelves!

We’d love to hear your suggestions for book spine poems. Please leave the titles of the books you choose or your blogpost links in the comments.

Book Spine Poems - Story Snug

14 thoughts on “Book spine poems – fun with books!

    • I’ve seen poems created using novels and thought it would be fun to create one with picture books. We’d love to hear any poems that you make up 🙂

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