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Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits! by Tim Warnes

Mole and the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing met each other in Tim Warnes’ Dangerous! and now they are back with a rabbit problem in Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits! We love label obsessed Mole and luckily his new friend is also happy to stick labels onto everything he sees.

The Story: Mole and the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing find a white rabbit in the woods. The Lumpy-Bumpy Thing chases after the rabbit and comes back wearing a top hat. When he removes the hat another rabbit is sitting there. He repeats the process and soon the wood is full of rabbits. The Lumpy-Bumpy Thing unsuccessfully tries to put the rabbits back and then a very stressed Mole sees a bunny heading towards his vegetable patch. Can Mole’s carrots provide an answer to their problem? And what is the strange stick that the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing finds on the ground?

Mole loves sticking labels on things and in this story he is helped by his friend, the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing (a crocodile). There are labels everywhere and as the rabbits come out of the hat they are labelled too. At first Mole and the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing find the rabbits quite entertaining but when Mole decides to number them for a game of bunny bingo chaos ensues (we love the picture of a bunny trying to stick a number onto a very stressed Mole). We don’t want to give the ending away but Mole’s vegetable patch helps to provide a solution to the rabbit problem until the strange stick that the Lumpy-Bumpy Thing finds causes another one!

There is so much humour in Tim Warnes’ pictures and we love reading all the labels. The story takes place outside and even the trees and plants are labelled, sometimes with nouns and sometimes with adjectives. This is a great story to introduce / reinforce the concept of nouns and adjectives and you could ask a class group to give you as many adjectives as possible to describe a rabbit. The children could then draw an animal of their choice and label it. I used Dangerous! for a similar activity in school and the children read out their nouns and adjectives to see if their classmates could guess which animal they were describing.

Inspired by the story we made our own rabbits. We used a strong adhesive to stick white cardboard ears with a pink paper lining onto the back of white plastic eggs (you could also use wooden eggs and craft foam) then added wiggly eyes. We drew whiskers before adding pink pom pom noses and pom pom cheeks. In Germany it is traditional to hang plastic eggs on trees in the garden at Easter but we’ll be hanging these little rabbits on our houseplants.

Warning! Rabbits - Story Snug

Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits! is a very amusing story and if you are looking for picture books to give as Easter presents this would be a great choice.

Age Range: 3 +

Author / Illustrator: Tim Warnes

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a copy of Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits! We enjoyed reading Mole’s new adventure.

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6 responses to “Warning! This Book May Contain Rabbits! by Tim Warnes”

  1. Tracey Grannum avatar

    What a clever idea to link in the themes of the book into your general, outdoor play. Very clever but a great way to cement ideas.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Books can inspire so many crafts and learning activities. Our rabbits were really easy to make and fun too!

  2. Coombe Mill - Fiona avatar

    this really appeals to me, especially that all the stories are outdoors and funny too #TriedTested

    1. Catherine avatar

      We love the way that Mole labels all the trees and plants in the woods. The story could stimulate a walk for children which encourages them to label plans, animals and insects.

  3. Lindsay At Newcastle Family Life avatar

    I love how you have made rabbits to go with the story, very cute idea. This sounds like a great tale for this time of year x #triedtested

    1. Catherine avatar

      The rabbits were really easy to make and look great on our houseplants 🙂