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Which stories will you be telling on National Tell a Fairytale Day?

Which fairytale will you be reading on National Tell a Fairytale Day?

Fairytales and folk tales are an integral part of a country’s traditions and provide a basis for many other stories that we know and love today. We have introduced our daughter to fairytales using books, magazines and other activities but there are still many more fairytales that she is not familiar with. Coming from two different cultures means she hears stories that my husband knows from his childhood which are unfamiliar to me and vice versa. My husband wasn’t familiar with Goldilocks and the Three Bears and I had never heard of Frau Holle by The Brothers Grimm.

The Three Little Pigs - Lift-the-Flap fairytales - Story Snug

Our daughter’s first experience of fairytales came from Stephen Tucker and Nick Sharratt’s Lift The Flap Fairytales with their accompanying CDs. Cinderella and The Three Little Pigs were a great second birthday present and later I also bought Jack in the Beanstalk. With their bold colourful illustrations and easy to read rhyming text they are a brilliant addition to a nursery or early years classroom.

I took a long time choosing a book of fairytales that we could read once our daughter was older. After a long search I discovered Favourite Fairy Tales ‘Eight classic stories to enchant and delight’. Published by Parragon it includes The Gingerbread Man, Cinderella, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Hansel and Gretel and The Three Little Pigs.

The stories are told using child friendly language and we love the beautiful illustrations. The stories are not scary for younger readers, the wolves in The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood escape and don’t come to gruesome ends while nothing more is said of the witch after she is pushed into the oven in Hansel and Gretel.

Our book is still very well loved and well read, the spine is starting to fall apart!! Do you have a favourite fairytale collection?

Favourite Fairytales - Parragon - Story Snug
Goldilocks storysack - Story Snug

A fun way to bring fairytales to life is to create a story sack. One of the easiest fairytales to recreate is Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Fill an old pillowcase with a Goldilocks book, Goldilocks, three bears of varying sizes and three bowls. Add some oats for good measure then ask the children to pull out the items one at a time and see if they can guess what the story is.

Introductions to fairytales can also come through reading fractured fairytales. Our daughter first heard the story of The Princess and the Pea when we read Caryl Hart and Sarah Warburton’s The Princess and the Peas. The fairytale is incorporated into the story and told on a beautifully illustrated black and white double spread.

The Princess and the Peas - Story Snug

Other fractured fairytales that we enjoy reading are Ella by Alex T. Smith, Prince Cinders by Babette Cole and I Am So Strong by Mario Ramos.

Storytime Puss in Boots Cover - Story Snug fairytale

Fairytales also feature in Storytime, a monthly magazine which introduces children to classic tales. Each issue includes a beautifully illustrated fairytale and we have enjoyed comparing the Storytime versions of the fairytales to those in our book.

We have lots of favourite picture books that include fairytale and nursery rhyme characters. Nibbles The Book Monster meets various fairytale characters as he chews through books and Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes is currently a favourite! We love spotting the fairytale and nursery rhyme characters in the Fairytale Hairdresser stories by Abie Longstaff and Lauren Beard, What’s the Time, Mr Wolf? by Debi Gliori, Jan Fearnley’s Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and Janet and Allan Ahlberg’s Each Peach Pear Plum, The Jolly Postman and The Jolly Christmas Postman. The Jolly Christmas Postman even inspired us to make our own fairytale board game.

Board Game Story Snug

Sometimes our favourite characters also dress up to act out fairy stories. One of our favourite stories in Old Bear’s Bedtime Stories by Jane Hissey is when the toys re-enact the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears. Our daughter also loves Teddy Robinson‘s version of Sleeping Beauty.

Story Box Puzzle Pieces - Story Snug

We’ve also had a lot of fun creating our own fairytales has with Story Box: Create Your Own Fairytales. Different jigsaw pieces to mix and match mean that our fairytales are different every time 🙂

Do you have a favourite fairytale? Or a favourite fractured fairytale?

You can find more fairytale inspired stories and crafts on our Pinterest Board

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10 responses to “Which stories will you be telling on National Tell a Fairytale Day?”

  1. Kate avatar

    I seem to remember they use story sack in prison environments. I remember reading Virago fairy tales at university. And I love the Brothers Grimm. Lots to learn about and reflect on in your post #MMBC

    1. Catherine avatar

      I love story sacks but have never heard of them being used in prison environments. I’m going to do some research 🙂

  2. Erica Price avatar

    I love Nick Sharratt’s books – I bet that one is fun. We like Storytime too.

    1. Catherine avatar

      Storytime is a fab magazine. It’s introduced us to some great traditional tales, not just fairy stories.

  3. Sarah MumofThree World avatar

    Fairytales are fantastic stories! I guess we’d forgotten about them a bit as my daughter is nearly 10, but then she was in panto over Christmas, so now Cinderella is our favourite story ever! We’re now keeping our eye out to see what the panto will be this year and will no doubt need to read up on a fairytale so she knows what she’s auditioning for!

    1. Catherine avatar

      Cinderella is a great story for a pantomime, I was in Snow White when I was younger.

  4. chantelle hazelden avatar

    I love the Brothers Grimm tales, but there are so many fascinating fairytales around and so many adaptions too, it would be so hard to pick a favourite! Thanks for sharing with #ReadWithMe

    1. Catherine avatar

      It is hard for me to pick a favourite fairytale too. I love fractured fairytales and characters that are taken out of their original stories and mixed with others 🙂

  5. Sarah Burns avatar

    We LOVE fairy tales here. My two love the 3 little pigs and Goldilocks the most at the moment. I have lots of the old ladybird books from my own childhood and I plan to do some stuff with them over the coming weeks looking at all the different stories etc. I like the little red hen x

    1. Catherine Friess avatar

      My grandmother had lots of the Ladybird Fairytale books and we always used to read them when we visited. I wonder where they are now…