Sharing Book Love – A Poem For International Book Giving Day

On February 14th you can give some books away
and join the celebrations for Book Giving Day.

The aim is very simple. Put books in children’s hands.
Not only in your country but in many different lands.

If you have unwanted books or books that you don’t need,
give them to a child to encourage them to read.

Books should be good quality but don’t need to be new.
It’s always good to give a book that means something to you.

You can leave books at a bus stop, in trains or cafes too.
In waiting rooms, on benches, in the park or at the zoo!

Learn more on the website, Facebook and Twitter too.
Or follow hash #bookgivingday to see what you can do.

Share the info, join the fun and please let us know
how you celebrate the day and where your books will go.

Happy International Book Giving Day!

International Book Giving Day Poster 2018 - Story Snug

Text: Catherine FriessImage: Elys Dolan

Please share this poem and the blogpost to help spread the word about International Book Giving Day. A PDF version can be downloaded here.

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