Peekaboo 123 / Peekaboo ABC by Gareth Lucas

Peekaboo 123 and Peekaboo ABC are gorgeous, sturdy, brightly coloured, lift the flap books. They are perfect presents for a new baby, introduce concepts throughout the toddler years and would make a wonderful addition to a nursery or reception classroom. Each book introduces a concept and new vocabulary in a fun way and we love Gareth Lucas’ bright, bold illustrations which are full of humour.

Gareth Lucas - Peekaboo 123 - Story SnugPeekaboo 123: This book introduces the Animal Antics Race in which a variety of animals take part in a race along the beach. Starting with one polar bear on a pogo stick followed by two turkeys on a tandem we are introduced to contestants taking part in or on a variety of vehicles including wheelbarrows, scooters, a limousine and a ferry. The race takes place over land and sea with a zebra as commentator and once twenty animals have been introduced the numbers increase by ten until we get to one hundred winners who are travelling in a …

Each number is shown on a sturdy flap, we had fun guessing which animals and vehicles would be shown under each one. The number is shown both as a word and as a numeral and we love the alliteration, e.g. nine hippos in a hot-air balloon, which makes it easy for a beginner reader to read independently. Two little mice also take part in the race and are shown on each page as is a dog on a lilo in the sea. The zebra pops up periodically to comment and dons an interesting outfit on the last page to declare the winners. This is a fast paced, multi layered story which introduces counting, animals and vehicles in an extremely fun way.

Peekaboo A to Z - Story SnugPeekaboo ABC: Zebra is also in Peekaboo ABC which introduces children to the letters of the alphabet. A variety of animals appear throughout the book which takes us from A to Z (we were eager to see which animals would be chosen for U and X!). Zebra appears on several pages and becomes more impatient as s/he has to wait his/her turn. Towards the end of the book Zebra has dressed up and his/her big moment on the final page made us laugh!

Each animal is shown on the front of a flap holding the initial letter of their name, underneath the flap we’re introduced to them taking part in a particular activity. Again we have alliteration, e.g. mouse making music with maracas, and each sentence is constructed in the same way with the animal name followed by a verb and the activity that they are taking part in. The short sentences are easy to read and picture clues can help a beginner reader to decode unfamiliar words.

I am really impressed with the scope for learning using the Peekaboo books. My initial thought was that these were just books for babies and toddlers but they also provide fun learning opportunities for children in Early Years and can help children in Key Stage One to consolidate number and letter recognition. Children could make their own lift the flap number or alphabet books or collaborate to make a classroom wall display including pictures with or without flaps. They’re brilliant for introducing alliteration and can inspire children to write their own alliterative phrases.

Learning ABCs and 123s with Zebra and his friends is really fun 🙂

Age Range: 1 +

Author / Illustrator: Gareth Lucas

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending the Peekaboo books. They provide a fun and enjoyable way to learn numbers and letters and I’m excited about their potential for introducing and consolidating new concepts and learning new vocabulary at home and in the classroom.

18 thoughts on “Peekaboo 123 / Peekaboo ABC by Gareth Lucas

    • My first impression that these were just books for babies and toddlers was so wrong. When I really looked at them I realised how much learning potential lies between the pages 🙂

    • They are lovely books for the littlest people but although the pages are made of sturdy card they’re not board books so you may have to supervise the lifting of the flaps with babies and very young children. Under supervision I can imagine reading these to babies under one, the colourful pictures are really appealing 🙂

  1. We’ve been sent these too, but clearly you are a far faster reviewer than me! BookBairn loves them! They live on the floor of our living room and she often crawls over for them, which must be worth the effort as it is an effort still! Great to read your review! You’ve inspired me to get blogging again this week! #readwithme

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